Donald Trump Repurposes An Image From A CNN Reporter For His Rally And Jim Acosta Is Not Impressed

Win McNameeGetty Images

At times, Donald Trump has been known to show disdain for CNN in his war against “fake news.” However, it seems that when it comes to an image for his Twitter account, any image is worth a thousand words — even if that image comes from CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

As the Hill points out, Jim Acosta tweeted an image to his official account early on Wednesday morning that showed Trump supporters in Erie, Pennsylvania, as they lined up for a rally.

“Big crowd lining up outside for Trump rally tonight in Erie, PA.,” the caption on the tweet read.

Then, a mere three hours later, Donald Trump apparently repurposed the same image used by Acosta to push his own political agenda in relation to the Pennsylvanian rally.

“Couldn’t let these great people down.” Trump captioned the repurposed image. “They have been lined up since last night – see you soon Pennsylvania!”

Jim Acosta quickly learned of the copycat image used by Trump and took to Twitter once more to voice his opinion on the matter, showing his original image alongside Trump’s tweet for comparison.

Acosta pointed out how similar they looked, then followed up this tweet with another showing his original tweet alongside Trump’s tweet and captioned this one with, “Life is funny.”

As the Daily Caller points out, the image that was reused by Donald Trump did not credit the original poster. The Daily Caller then suggests that the potential is there that a “subtle troll” is occurring on behalf of Trump by not crediting the source of the image.


The Hill also points out that this is not the first time Donald Trump has “recycled images from a White House reporter on his own Twitter account. Last month, Trump used an image from Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs. The image was of an insert in the Des Moines Register, an outlet that has been purchased by Chinese media. This tweet was made after Trump alleged without evidence that “China was interfering in the 2018 U.S. election to hurt Republicans.”

In addition, Trump and Acosta have had a previous clash earlier in the year. According to the Hill, at a press conference in the U.K., when asked a question by Acosta, Trump refused to answer.

CNN is fake news,” Trump said at the time. “I don’t take questions from CNN.”

The rally in Erie was one that Donald Trump refused to cancel even as Hurricane Michael, a catastrophic Category 4 storm bore down on the U.S., according to a previous article by the Inquisitr.