Ben Affleck, Shauna Sexton Still Dating Despite Split Rumors? She Says ‘Don’t Believe Everything You Read’

David BeckerGetty Images for Playboy

Earlier this week reports emerged detailing that hot celebrity couple Ben Affleck and Shauna Sexton had split. The breakup was reportedly due to the movie hunk’s commitment to working on his sobriety and all signs pointed toward this fairly short-lived romance having ended. However, according to the Playboy model, people shouldn’t believe everything they hear.

The Daily Mail caught up with Shauna Sexton on Wednesday as she was out near her Woodland Hills, California, home with her dog. They asked her about the split with Ben Affleck, and she seemingly denied that the two were no longer together.

Sexton said that people shouldn’t believe everything they read online and Shauna added that a lot of people simply make stuff up like this. When the Daily Mail person said that there are so many sources these days, she replied by saying that they’re all inaccurate.

The outlet notes that this is the first time she has commented to any media outlet about her relationship. She did, however, share some videos and photos on Instagram just a matter of days ago showing her brief trip to Montana with Affleck. The trip was believed to have been their first together since they started dating right before his last rehab stay.

From the looks of things, the normally press-shy Sexton is determined to set the record straight on these Affleck breakup rumors. Radar Online details that they also connected directly with Shauna, and she also told them that talk of a split was inaccurate.

As the Inquisitr detailed, the original report of a split between Ben and Shauna came via People. Their source seemingly was a friend of Affleck’s, who noted that the relationship with Sexton was always just casual. The insider said that Ben enjoyed being with the Playboy model, but the timing for continuing the relationship now wouldn’t work with the focus he needs to put on his family, sobriety, and next project.

So, are Shauna and Ben still together or not? Are they both on the same page regarding the status of their relationship? Given how frequently Affleck and Sexton were spotted together during their romance, it would seem likely that the couple’s current status will be made clear sooner rather than later.

It would make sense for Ben Affleck to end the relationship to focus on his family and sobriety, as was reported as the reason for the split. However, it does seem odd that after avoiding any comment to the press at all, Shauna Sexton would respond to the split rumors by denying them to two different outlets. One way or another, the status of this romance will surely be confirmed soon.