Krystal Nielson Shows Off Banging Body With Workout Challenge Post On Instagram

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Krystal Nielson is committed to helping her clients transform their bodies, and the fitness coach makes it clear via her social media posts that she’s working hard right alongside her followers. The Bachelor in Paradise star frequently posts updates showcasing the progress that she’s making on her end — and she was at it again on Wednesday as she showed off her amazing abs and challenged others to follow her lead.

The Bachelor in Paradise star posted a photo via her Instagram story, noting that she had just completed a 100 push-up challenge. Krystal Nielson was wearing a blue workout crop top with black shorts, and her stunning abs were impossible to miss. She also was flexing one bicep as she held the phone with her other hand — and it is clear that her push-ups have been producing impressive results.

After posting the initial selfie, Krystal also posted a short video clip revealing that her arms were shaking so much from the push-ups that she had done that she could barely even hold on to her phone. However, the Bachelor in Paradise star wasn’t done working out, as she was about to tackle a 3-mile run as well.

Based on Nielson’s posts, it looks like she is back home in San Diego now. She and her Bachelor in Paradise fiance Chris Randone had flown to Florida to spend time with his family and friends, but it seems that they’re back in her neck of the woods again.

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Krystal posted a photo to Instagram after her workout, showing her with Chris from a time that they were at the beach together. She captioned the image with a story about the crazy path that she had followed to find her guy. The Bachelor in Paradise star said that it wasn’t easy, and that there were times that she wanted to give up on it. However, Nielson said that people can’t let fear define them — and that a bad moment can’t define one’s life.

Randone has been very open in speaking to how Nielson’s pep talks during filming helped him to change his mindset and to work to be a better person. Chris and Krystal hit it off in Mexico immediately, and they have been inseparable since the finale aired. They aren’t at the point of planning a wedding just yet, but they insist that it’s going to happen.

Chris also posted a photo to Instagram this week showing him with Krystal as they both wore bathing suits. They both had their laptops out, seemingly mixing business and pleasure. Things seem to be falling together perfectly for Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone — and Bachelor in Paradise fans are rooting for this couple to go the distance.