La La And Carmelo Anthony Address Cheating Rumors: Apparently Neither Is Sweatin’ It

La La and Carmelo Anthony seem quite content with each other and neither is too concerned about the cheating rumors that are circulating around the internet.

La La Anthony doesn't seem overly worried about the rumors of her cheating on her husband that are making rounds over the internet. Interestingly, her husband isn't taking them seriously. Proving to be a strong couple, the couple reunited in Puerto Rico this weekend and has been sending out indicators about their steady and strong relationship.

In a show of marital solidarity La La flew out to join Melo on the island Friday night, reported Page Six. Carmelo Anthony was in San Juan to host a fund-raiser at the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort. The fundraiser, which lasted for an entire weekend, was meant to bolster Anthony's Carmelo Anthony Foundation, which strives to accord better living and sports facilities for underprivileged kids who can't afford decent grounds or equipment, but have a lot of potential.

That La La and Carmelo Anthony are very much together is quite evident from the fact that the former braved Hurricane Danny, now a Category 3 storm, which is already lashing the island and is expected to morph into a full-scale hurricane soon. However, apart from the storm, she had to bravely face the rumors too. The actress was accused by Maino's ex, ­ Patrice E, of sleeping with him. She tweeted about it.
"Your [sic] a disgrace to women everywhere,"
However, she upped the ante and accused La La Anthony of sleeping with the father of her children.

Patrice E Used Some Strong Words To Accuse La La Anthony
Patrice E Used Some Strong Words To Accuse La La Anthony

An unfazed La La Anthony responded by posting posted an image of friends Kathy Najimy and Poppy Montgomery wearing T-shirts that read, "Got Haters?"

The caption to the photo read, "If you ain't got no haters, you ain't popping!"

La La Anthony has always maintained that Maino is a good friend, but that's where it ends. Quoting a source, MSN reported,

"They've been friends for a very long time. [Patrice] is jealous of their friendship, but there's no truth to her cheating with him at all."
Needless to say, the accusatory posts were quickly deleted afterwards, but the internet held onto the same and reacted quickly. Some even compared the net worth of both the men and asked La La Anthony why she resorted to cheating with someone who makes a lot less money than her husband who incidentally makes big buck playing for the Knicks.

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