Donald Trump Calls Out ‘Radical Socialist’ Democrats in ‘USA Today’ Op-Ed

Tasos KatopodisGetty Images

On Wednesday, USA Today published an opinion piece reportedly authored by President Donald Trump and it attacked the Democratic push for “Medicare for All.” In the piece, which has generated quite a bit of buzz, Trump hammered the left on a handful of topics, at one point even calling them “radical socialists.” The piece is definitely getting people of all political persuasions talking.

The USA Today op-ed from President Donald Trump said that the “centrist Democratic Party is dead” and that the new Democrats want to style the United States economy into what Venezuela has. He warns that if the left takes control of the House after the midterm elections that the U.S. will come closer and closer to socialism, with the Democrats pushing for government-run medical care, education, and business.

Trump claims that the Democrats want to not only outlaw private health care plans but that they want to have fully open borders too. This open borders claim has been a common one coming from the president as he continues his push for his border wall. The president maintains that the left aims to end immigration law enforcement, allowing millions to enter the U.S. illegally, snagging healthcare opportunities paid for by Americans.

As the op-ed continued, the president insisted that the Democratic plan to provide health care for all would harm seniors and lead to health care rationing. Trump said that hospitals and doctors would go out of business and that seniors would lose control and power over their personal health care decisions.

While many within Trump’s base will surely embrace the USA Today op-ed, there is plenty of criticism of it as well. Economist Paul Krugman said via Twitter that Republicans are certainly feeling the heat on the health care debate and he called the op-ed “stunningly dishonest.” He also questioned who truly wrote it and said he’d eat his hairpiece of the president penned it himself.

The Toronto Star correspondent Daniel Dale tweeted that it was a “press released disguised” as an opinion piece and he criticized the outlet for using their Twitter page to “blast out the article’s lies” to their 3.6 million followers. Think Progress tackled the Trump piece bit-by-bit and they called it “falsehood-ridden” piece.

“The op-ed, which editors clearly didn’t bother to fact-check, contained dozens of lies about the health care proposal for which many Democrats have advocated over the past two years.”

Will President Donald Trump’s USA Today op-ed have any impact on the November elections? That is clearly the aim, especially with both Republicans and Democrats eager to have control of the House and the Senate after the midterms. The Trump piece is certainly a controversial one and good or bad, it is generating a lot of discussion across social media on Wednesday.