Meghan Markle Was Anxious After Blind Date With Prince Harry, Find Out Why

Chris JacksonGetty Images

After Meghan Markle and Prince Harry met on a blind date, the future duchess was anxious. And it was because she was worried she had come across as too “eager,” according to the Daily Mail. This insight into the royal couple’s first double date was detailed by biographer Andrew Morton. And while Meghan wondered if she had come across too strong, Prince Harry was reportedly “mesmerised by her beauty and sophistication.”

The date happened at Soho’s Dean Street Townhouse, all thanks to mutual friend Misha Nonoo. Misha is a fashion designer, and her brand caters to the professional woman. Some of her popular items include the “Husband Shirt,” which is a white button-down that can complement practically any look. Moreover, the brand claims to be one of the first to harness social media to promote collections.

“Misha was the first designer to use social media as a venue for fashion shows, exclusively debuting her Spring/Summer 2016 collection on Instagram and Fall 2016 collection on Snapchat.”

And it’s lucky for everyone that Misha ended up also being a fantastic matchmaker.

Because after Harry met Meghan, he knew he had met someone special. This is how Morton described it.

“[Meghan] understood him as a man, not a title… As he subsequently confessed, he realised that he would have to up his game.”

So in hindsight, Meghan can probably laugh about her anxieties after their first meeting because, obviously, she left a strong and positive impression on the prince.

The pair has also become a favorite among royal fans around the world, offering a new and different take on what it means to be a royal. For example, Meghan’s mom attended Meghan’s first charity event, which is something Kate Middleton’s mom has never done. Also, the duchess caused a stir when she casually closed her own car door, instead of expecting the driver to do so.

Meghan and Harry have also engaged in more PDA than what fans have come to expect. Their trip to Sussex was marked with lots of hand holding, as the two both beamed and looked very happy together.

Now, people are starting to wonder when the couple will announce their first pregnancy. The anticipation was only heightened by Meghan and Harry’s outspoken desires to have children. But as they embark on their first international tour, many believe that it may be some months from now or longer before Markle becomes pregnant.