Jordan Kimball Is Headed To 'DWTS,' 'Grocery Store Joe' And Jenna Prepare For Week 4 Trio With His 'BIP' Pal

Stacy Carey

"Grocery Store Joe" Amabile and Jenna Johnson survived the Week 3 elimination on Dancing with the Stars and this means they are heading to Week 4. This is when the trio performances will be done and this pair has chosen an unlikely pick to be the temporary addition to their team: Bachelor in Paradise star Jordan Kimball. Bachelor fans are going crazy over this and a few tidbits about the upcoming collaboration are emerging.

Once it was known that Jenna and Joe survived elimination, it was revealed that Jordan would be their third in their upcoming trio dance. A pick like this is quite unusual, as usually, it's another pro dancer or troupe member brought in for this particular performance. However, similar moves have been made by other Season 27 Dancing with the Stars pairs and it'll be an interesting week.

While the general Dancing with the Stars viewer who doesn't follow the Bachelor world may not understand this pick, those who follow the franchise aren't confused by the decision to bring Jordan in at all. Kimball first appeared with Amabile on Becca Kufrin's Bachelorette season this past spring and he was a pretty outrageous contestant. He made his mark during Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise this past summer as well, getting engaged in the finale to Jenna Cooper.

As the Inquisitr has detailed, things got ugly between Jenna and Jordan right as the finale and reunion show confirmed their engagement. It has been alleged that she was cheating on him during their relationship, and she's had a lawyer insinuate that Kimball himself fabricated the texts that led to all of the drama.

Jenna wrote in her Us Weekly blog that she thinks this is a great opportunity for Joe. She noted that Jordan is full of charisma and confidence, and Bachelor in Paradise fans know that the two guys are good friends. The DWTS pro thinks that having Kimball with them will help her partner feel safe and confident as they hit the dance floor to do their upcoming salsa.

The DWTS trio performances are always entertaining and that should definitely be the case in Season 27 with Jordan Kimball joining Grocery Store Joe Amabile and Jenna Johnson. Stay tuned for Dancing with the Stars spoilers heading into Monday's Week 4 show regarding what everybody can expect and get ready to vote to ensure that they get to stick around.