CrunchPad Renamed JooJoo, Will Sell For $499 Starting December 11th

The CrunchPad may be dead, but the device it was named after is still very much alive. During a press conference today Fusion Garage Founder Chandra Rathakrishnan debuted the device and it’s impressive linux-based “in-browser” OS, capacitive touchscreen and various other features.

According to Chander the device which had been renamed “JooJoo” (the African word for “Magic”) features a 12.1 inch display that offers capacitive features, comes equipped with a linux based OS that launches directly into a browser in only 9 seconds and features “cloud computing” with offline capabilities so you can work on your Gmail account and then connect at a later time to WiFi.

The unit also features a 5 hour battery life cycle when in constant use and plays back full HD videos directly from the unit.

While not quite at the $200 price tag originally preached by TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, the $499 price tag is still a great price for a 12.1 inch tablet of any kind.

Important Note: The Green Hue on the devices display was caused by the camera shooting the web conference not by the device.