‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap For Monday, October 8: Ridge Begs Brooks To Keep Judge Secret

Gilles Toucas and Cliff LipsonCBS

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Monday, October 8 features Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) who confronted Judge Craig McMullen (Joe Lando) with the evidence that Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) had his number on his burn phone. At first the judge tried to deny having any involvement with the dressmaker, and even called her delusional, but he eventually caved when Brooke accused Ridge of bribing him. The judicial officer denied that any bribe took place and admitted that Ridge did approach him concerning the case. He said that Ridge wanted him to ensure that Katie (Heather Tom) won the case.

Brooke asked the judge if he grew up with a father, and Craig answered in the affirmative. According She Knows Soaps, she told the judge that her father Stephen had abandoned her and Storm and that it really affected them while they were growing up. What makes this particularly poignant is the fact that Bold and the Beautiful viewers will remember that Katie got Storm’s heart when she had a heart transplant. She told Craig that children need their fathers. Craig said that he was confident that Katie would allow Bill to see Will (Finnegan George) and he would have his father in his life. He urged Brooke not to tell anyone because he and Ridge could face dire consequences if the news ever leaked out.

Katie was at her home with Will. She told him that he would need to come with her because his caregiver was sick. Will said that he would prefer to spend some time with his dad. He also broke Katie’s heart when he said that he feels bad that his dad had lost custody of him. She immediately called Bill and told him that she would bring Will around to Spencer Publications.

Ridge was at Forrester Creations and had just shown Bill the door after he pleaded with him to work with Brooke. He had humbled himself and asked his biggest rival to see that a son needs his father and to work with Brooke in letting Katie see that it was in Will’s best interest that he was around. But Ridge wasn’t budging and told him that he never stood a chance at gaining equal access to Will.

“I know what you did. I know!”

By the time Brooke arrived at FC, she was seething. As he started moaning about Bill’s visit to him she suddenly screamed, “Enough!” She confronted him about going to Judge McMullen about the hearing and told him that she knew all about his secret calls with him. When she told him that what he did was a crime, Ridge said Craig owed him a favor. He also told her that she needed to keep this secret forever.

Bill welcomed Will with open arms and the two were pretty excited about hanging out together. He told him that he would teach him how to run Spencer Publications because it was his birthright. When Will questioned if he wasn’t too busy for him, he once again reassured the boy that he was his first priority. Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.