‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: New Video May Indicate Return To ‘Next On’ Previews!

Johnny VyCBS

The loss of each days’ “Next On” The Young and the Restless spoilers preview video that used to air at the end of each episode never set well with fans. However, yesterday some eagle-eyed fans may have noticed that at the end of the show, the teaser clip appeared.

According to a Soap Opera Digest report from last December, head writer and executive producer Mal Young decided to stop airing the “Next On” videos and instead previewed “Previously On” clips at the beginning of each day’s show.

“We are always exploring innovative approaches to enrich the viewing experience for our fans,” explained Young. “Adding the ‘Previously On’ segment provides us an opportunity to set the tone for each episode and draw on the rich history of Y&R to connect the dots of the past, present, and future.”

While it’s been interesting for fans to see the clips from past shows (sometimes way past) to set the mood for the day’s storylines, they have never lost the desire to view the previews of the next day’s show.

Last night, Kyle Abbott actor Michael Mealor took to Twitter to share something fans haven’t seen since the middle of last December. A “Next On” series of previews for the upcoming episode. Mealor urged supporters to tune in and not miss the upcoming drama in Genoa City.

In response to the actor’s tweet, one fan chimed in with “I wish they would bring back previews at the end of the show instead of recaps at the beginning. Most of us have been watching for decades and already know what happened in the last few days.”

That sentiment sums up the wishes of several longtime fans of the show. While Y&R airs a “Coming Up” segment on many Friday episodes, it still isn’t the same as a daily storyline preview video.

Of course, since it’s just the first time the segment aired in a while, fans wonder if the “Next On” is here to stay. A bit of sleuthing on Y&R’s official YouTube channel shows that the video is named “Next On Y&R (10/8/2018),” which is the same format of the videos that the show stopped airing late last year. That appears to be a good sign of a possible comeback for the popular element of the top-rated CBS Daytime soap.

The clips aired in the video appear to relate to the Y&R spoilers Inquisitr posted for today’s show. Time will tell if Young and the soap have brought back “Next On” to stay. It’s possible that the clip is similar to the ones that usually show up on Fridays and it aired on Monday this time due to episodes being pushed back a day during the Kavanaugh hearing.