Hitler’s Great-Nephew Lifts The Lid On Some Family Secrets And What He Really Thinks About Trump

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The great-nephew of Adolf Hitler has broken years of silence to give an inclusive insight into what being the oldest-living male descendant of the Nazi dictator is really like.

The Mirror reports that Alexander Adolf Stuart-Houston recently conducted an interview on the porch of his home with German newspaper Bild.

Mr. Stuart-Houston, who lives in Patchogue, Long Island, New York, vehemently denied rumors that his siblings planned to end the family line for the sake of humanity.

Addressing long-founded rumors that all of the Hitler clan would remain childless out of a solemn service to the rest of the world, Mr. Stuart-Houston simply had one thing to say, “b******t.”

Seemingly contradicting what he told British journalist David Gardner in 2002, the 68-year-old said his brothers Louis and Brian never promised that the Hitler dynasty would die with them.

Hitler’s great-nephew even said that one of his brothers had high hopes of marrying a Jewish woman but apparently the relationship came to a screaming halt after the lady in question learned exactly who the family was she’d be marrying into.

Mr. Stuart-Houston did concede that perhaps his siblings may have come to some sort of arrangement together not to father any children but he claims he was never privy to it.

“Maybe my other two brothers did make a pact, but I never did.”

Mr. Stuart-Houston did have a fourth brother who was married to a lady called Marie and wanted to start a family, but he was killed in a road accident in 1989, and it’s thought the man who was employed as a tax inspector did not father any children.

Hitler peeling an apple.
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Mr. Stuart-Houston’s father was William Patrick Hitler. William’s father was Adolf’s half-brother Alois Hitler. William’s mother was Irish and he was born in Liverpool in 1911. During the war, he emigrated to America and joined the U.S. Navy to fight against his uncle.

After World War II, he settled down on Long Island with his wife Phyllis and they had four sons together. The children are thought to be the last living members of the Hitler dynasty.

During the same interview, Hitler’s great relative also revealed his thoughts on modern politics. He praised German Chancellor Merkel, whom he confessed he was a big fan of. Yet even though he is a registered Republican, he admits he has little time for Donald Trump. He even branded the American president a “liar.”

“The last person I would say I admire is Donald Trump. He is definitely not one of my favorites. Some things that Trump says are all right… It’s his manner that annoys me.”