‘Baki’ Season 3, Episode 16 Recap, Spoilers: Oliver Versus Master Shibukawa, Shinogi Versus Doyle

Keisuke Itagaki (AKITASHOTEN)1992Netflix

Baki Season 3, Episode 16, which is currently available at Netflix, started with Biscuit Oliver fighting Master Shibukawa’s students at the gym located inside the building of the Japanese Police Department. The main reason why Oliver decided to fight is to earn a black belt. As expected, he easily defeated every opponent he faced, but Morio Sonoda still hesitated to give what he wants.

Baki Season 3, Episode 16 featured a brief fight between Oliver and Master Shibukawa. After embarrassing all of his students, Master Shibukawa decided to fight the strongest man in the USA. Oliver made the first move, but after that, he gave up with his goal to have his own black belt. Sonoda was wondering why Oliver didn’t continue fighting Master Shibukawa until he saw his dislocated wrist. When he was about to leave the gym, Master Shibukawa gave Oliver the black belt he’s wearing.

The latest episode of Baki showed the first appearance of Shinogi Kosho in Season 3. Shinogi is a user of Shinogi-style, Zangeki karate. He was a warrior in the underground arena. He uses a technique called “Cord Cutter,” which can cut nerves.

Shinogi has learned the ongoing battle between the fighters of the underground arena and the five most dangerous death row inmates. Shinogi felt frustrated that he was not called to join the fight. Shinogi asked one of Doppo Orochi’s subordinates about the location of Hector Doyle. After getting all the information he needs, Shinogi immediately headed to the hotel where Doyle stays and vowed to give him a taste of defeat.

Before Shinogi came in, Doyle was talking to Gary Strydom, the captain of the U.S. Navy and a close friend of Yujiro Hanma, while showing all the blades implanted into his body. Doyle revealed that the blades can be activated using the switch in his hands. Shinogi entered the room and pushed Strydom.

In their one-on-one fight, Shinogi only focused on attacking Doyle’s throat, making the death row inmate easily lose his energy. However, Doyle managed to catch Shinogi off guard and broke his jaw. Strydom was surprised how Shinogi easily repaired his broken jaw. As the fight started to get serious, Shinogi finally decided to use his cord-cutting technique.

Baki Season 3, Episode 16 also featured the confrontation between Baki and Hanayama. Baki attacked Hanayama first, but before he landed a punch, the enemy hit him with a fast kick. The fight immediately ended when Kozue, Baki’s girlfriend, interfered. Baki and Hanayama were both stunned after hearing the words coming out from Kozue’s mouth.