Hurricane Michael’s Growth Prompts Alabama To Issue ‘State Of Emergency’ Across Entire State

Joe RaedieGetty Images

As the Inquisitr previously reported that Hurricane Michael was on its way to Florida, Alabama issued a statewide emergency warning on Monday as well. Fox News reported that Alabama Governor Kay Ivey issued the warning not long after the tropical storm transformed officially into a hurricane that same day. As of 8 p.m. Monday, reported Fox News, the hurricane was estimated to be 485 miles south of Apalachicola, Florida, and moving quickly north. Cuba has already received “hurricane-force winds and heavy rainfall” due to the hurricane which is expected to strengthen before it hits land at the Gulf of Mexico mid-week.

Governor Ivey’s statement of emergency remained positive and urged Alabamians to prepare for the storm to come.

“Alabama is once again in the path of a hurricane, but I know Alabamians will once again come together and be prepared for whatever Michael may bring,” said Governor Ivey.

“Now is the time for residents in south Alabama to review your emergency preparedness plans and also get prepared… [You] will need to take shelter by [Tuesday] evening,” Governor Ivey further recommended and warned.

Monday’s Alabama state of emergency came one day after its neighboring state of Florida declared a state of emergency Sunday. In Florida, 35 counties received the warning and some areas required evacuations of homes.

The governor’s tweet above links to an article on the Kay Ivey Alabama governor website that explains the state of emergency which has just been issued. The statement explains that Governor Ivey is working with Alabama Emergency Management Agency Director Brian Hastings to monitor Hurricane Michael. It also states that Ivey’s action in declaring an emergency activates the Alabama Emergency Operations Plan, enabling federal organizations to come to the emergency aid of communities affected by the storm.

“Hurricane Michael is forecast to become a major hurricane and it will produce wide-spread power outages and debris that will challenge our response and recovery in the southern and Wiregrass counties,” reads the emergency statement.

The Kay Ivey website also includes an official copy of the signed emergency statement that was issued Monday as Hurricane Michael grew more dangerous to the area. The State of Emergency document states the specific nature of the danger which Hurricane Michael now threatens.

“The State of Alabama is under imminent threat of Hurricane Michael… [the storm is] expected to bring high winds and torrential rains… it is expected that this storm system will cause significant damage to public and private property,” stated the public statement.

Besides issuing safety warnings, the State of Emergency document makes the practice of “price-gouging” by retail businesses in order to maximize profits in a time of crisis unlawful, among other security measures.