Appvent calendar for iPhone lends tech twist to Christmas countdown

Sweet, free iPhone games!

My kids have to make do with teensy, miserly chocolates in festive shapes, but I can get a free iPhone game every day thanks to the Appvent calendar. (Suck it, kids!) An iPhone developer (Blacksmith games) is giving away a free game for the iPhone each day leading up to Christmas, with each download available for 24 hours after release. (So no deluge of free games when you forget to open your calendar for a few days, which is a relatively minor bummer. It was always cool to remember you’d forgotten a few days and get a bonus couple of chocolates, even if you could ride your bike to the shops and buy more chocolate than the calendars held for 50 cents.)

There are no downloads for the 23rd and 24th, but Blacksmith Games promises other cool surprises on those days, too. Today’s game, which I have not yet downloaded, is something called “Polyhedra,” and it sounds a bit like Tetris. Snorkeling, Totemo and something that sounds super-awesome called Smackbots are previous appvent offerings. Since we can’t cheat and peek behind the wee windows to see what awaits, the yet-to-be released games are anyone’s guess.

[Thanks, Mashable!]