Kaley Cuoco Reveals She Is Not Ready For Kids With Husband Karl Cook—Yet

Rachel MurrayGetty Images

Kaley Cuoco is focusing on her career and her husband right now, but she’s not ruling out having a baby on board in the future. The 32-year-old Big Bang Theory star, who tied the knot with husband Karl Cook in June, told Entertainment Tonight she’s not quite ready for motherhood just yet.

“I’m definitely – I’m not there yet. I’m not quite there yet but I know that I will be ’cause I love kids. But I’m a worker bee right now — kind of my career is my focus and my husband. But, we love kids and we love animals so we’re meant to have children.”

Cuoco’s comments come on the heels of her Big Bang Theory character Penny’s revelation that she doesn’t want to have kids with husband Leonard (Johnny Galecki) on a recent Season 12 episode of the CBS sitcom.

Kaley Cuoco may not be ready to be a mom just yet, but she has admitted to giving in to “baby fever.” Last year, Cuoco told ET she was obsessed with pal Haylie Duff’s new children’s clothing collection Little Moon Society.

“It does give you a little bit of baby fever! Everyone is so cute, everyone looks so adorable, hard not to… Yeah, I’ve got dogs,” the Big Bang Theory star joked.

When she was married to first husband tennis pro Ryan Sweeting, Kaley Cucuo was often the subject of pregnancy rumors. The rumors were fueled after the actress was photographed holding her makeup artist’s baby.

“No, I’m not pregnant! I don’t know why people keep thinking that. Maybe I should wear a little tighter clothes,” Cuoco told E! News in 2015.


“I love babies! If you’re holding a baby right now, I will take it from you and hold it. Like, I have this need to take it. I don’t have my own yet—can’t wait—but any child, I just grab. I don’t take it with me home, but it take it and I hold it for a while. I love it. I love it!”

After her split from her husband of three years, Cuoco admitted she thought she would have started a family by age 30.

“I thought I’d have a baby by now!” Cuoco told Cosmopolitan in 2016. “You see your life going one way, and then it’s the direct opposite way. I’m waking up going, Oh my God, my life just flipped upside down.”

You can see Kaley Cuoco talking about her past plans for babies in the video below.