Holly Sampson Takes Tiger Wood Mistress Count To Seven

Another day, another new mistress from the Tiger Woods soap opera, and today’s lucky gal comes complete with an IMDB profile: Holly Sampson.

Now you might read IMDB and think that Holly Sampson is an actress and you’d be right, except for one small aspect of her “acting” career: she’s a porn star, who has appeared in such porn classics such as “Unlimited MILFS,” “Cougars in Heat” and “Sperm Dumpster.”

So far, Holly is giving a standard “no comment” when asked about the relationship vs denying it, no doubt shopping around for a tell all deal with a newspaper or gossip rag before she spills the beans.

Looks wise: not bad for a tiger mistress, although it’s fairly clear now that he has a thing for women in their 30s.