Prince Charles’ Wife, Camilla, Won’t Attend Princess Eugenie’s Wedding

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

Much of the buzz about the royal wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank is about what celebs will attend, but it seems that the bigger story is who won’t attend. It seems that Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, has a prior engagement at her old school in Scotland, and she will be absent from the big day for the Yorks.

Harper’s Bazaar says that Prince Charles will attend the wedding of his niece, Princess Eugenie, but Camilla will be a no-show because she RSVP’d to another event before she knew about the wedding date.

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter says there is no bad blood, but just a prior commitment.

“I know it seems odd that Camilla’s missing Eugenie’s wedding but it doesn’t indicate any malice or ill-feeling. Royals don’t like to disappoint. Given she’d already committed to attending a school event it’s duty first.”

Arbiter says that having to miss personal engagements is a normal thing for the royal family.

“Royals often miss family events for pre-scheduled engagements. It’s at a school and was scheduled long before. I expect she doesn’t want to disappoint the children. She will have spoken to Eugenie about it.”

The Mirror says that Camilla will be attending a harvest festival at a school in Scotland which is close to her home. Sources say that Prince Andrew asked that the Duchess of Cornwall find a way to attend Princess Eugenie’s wedding, which was announced over eight months ago, but she explained that she committed to the event nearly a year ago. Camilla will miss the ceremony and the lunch following, but she will be able to attend the party in the evening with Prince Charles and the rest of the royal family.


Some sources view it as a snub, but Princess Eugenie reportedly doesn’t see it this way.

“I would not view it as a snub. It was a long-standing prior engagement.”

Prince George and Princess Charlotte will both be in the wedding party for the royal wedding on Friday. Prince George will be a pageboy, while Princess Charlotte and Robbie Williams’ daughter, Teddy, will be a pagegirl.

Princess Beatrice will be Princess Eugenie’s maid of honor, and Jack Brooksbank’s brother, Tom, will serve as best man.

The wedding will be at the same venue as the nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, but the upcoming wedding will have 200 more guests at Windsor Castle.