Ron Livingston sues Wikipedia over gay rumors

Ron Livingston, best known for roles in Office Space and Sex and the City, is suing over continual Wikipedia edits claiming the actor is gay and in a long-term relationship with a man.

Livingston married a woman named Rosemarie DeWitt earlier this year, but a dedicated Wikipedia editor changes the entry frequently with claims that Livingston is being totally gay with someone named “Lee Dennison.” A claim filed this weekend in L.A. County Superior Court indicates that the “false and malicious” allegations appear almost immediately on Livingston’s Wiki when his reps correct the information. (Could the editor be… a scorned Lee Dennison?)

TMZ says the culprit also created fake Facebook profiles for both Livingston and Dennison, listing the two alleged gay homosexuals as “in a relationship.” Livingston is suing for libel, invasion of privacy and unauthorized use of his likeness. The fact that controversies like this imply being gay is a horrific allegation aside, Queerty points out that now Livingston’s page is guaranteed to devote a section to gayness regardless of the outcome of the case. Which is kind of a total win for the “hacker.”