Anna Duggar ‘In Pain’ As She Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary With Josh, ‘No Love’ In The Marriage, Per ‘Radar’

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Anna Duggar is not happy in her loveless marriage, a new report claims after the reality television star celebrated her 10-year anniversary with Josh.

Anna has remained largely out of the spotlight since her husband’s scandal engulfed the family and led to the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting. Allegations emerged that Josh sexually molested young girls — including his own sisters — while he was a teen, and as the family was weathering that scandal, Josh was caught up in another controversy when his name was outed in a leak from the infidelity-promoting site, Ashley Madison. As a new report from Radar Online claims, Anna Duggar appears to be showing signs of the troubled marriage now a few years later.

The signs were clear in a picture Anna posted celebrating their anniversary, claimed body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass. In the photo, Josh kissed his wife on the head while she smiled, but Dr. Glass saw pain in Anna’s face.

“She has a tight smile,” Dr. Glass said. “Her eyes are not smiling. She’s gritting her teeth. It’s very contrived.”

Dr. Glass saw other signs from a video posted this summer in which Josh and Anna congratulated Josiah Duggar on his wedding. In the video, Anna leaned away from her husband and looked uncomfortable just being near him, the body language expert noted.

“This is all for show,” Dr. Glass said. “She’s looking at him, but she’s leaning away. Anyone with eyes can see there is no love there.”

Though the entire Duggar family is no longer a fixture of reality television, they are still very active on social media and post frequent pictures and videos. Dr. Glass said these glimpses into their personal lives show that Anna’s interactions with her husband seem “rehearsed” and that the affection she shows is “phony.”

This would seem to reinforce rumors that emerged at the time of Josh Duggar’s cheating scandal that Anna wanted to divorce him, but was convinced to stay by Josh’s ultra-conservative religious family.

Though the Radar Online report claims that Josh and Anna Duggar are in a loveless marriage, the couple looked anything but forlorn at a recent wedding. The two were spotted at the nuptials for Bringing Up Bates star Josie Bates, and Radar Online noted that they appeared to have a good time.

There are other signs that the marriage remains strong, including a recent picture that Anna Duggar posted showing herself and Josh with their five children standing on bales of hay.