New Orleans Saints News: Drew Brees Set To Break Yardage Record Against Redskins And Put It Out Of Reach

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Drew Brees is one of the elite quarterbacks currently in the NFL and throughout the history of professional football. On Monday Night Football, he has the opportunity to break the all-time passing yardage record which is a record that currently belongs to Peyton Manning. While the leader of the New Orleans Saints is more focused on getting a win against the Washington Redskins, so many others are waiting to watch that record fall.

At the same time, they’re also looking forward to watching Brees put that and other records so far out of reach that they may never be broken.

Drew Brees needs just 201 passing yards on Monday night to break the record held by Manning, and it is believed that he’ll get it. Last week, Brees had an off day in the Saints’ 33-18 win over the New York Giants, and he still passed for 217 yards.

If (when) he breaks that record, everyone realizes that he’ll have more than Peyton Manning. As pointed out by the New Orleans Advocate, though, fans have to understand that he’ll also have more than Joe Montana, Brett Favre, John Elway, Dan Marino, Tom Brady, and so many other all-time greats.

While Brees is 39-years-old, he doesn’t look like he’s anywhere near retirement. As a matter of fact, it almost seems as if he’s continuing to get better with age.

Tom Brady is 41-years-old and joined the NFL in 2000 after being drafted by the New England Patriots. He is currently more than 4,300 yards behind Brees in all-time passing yardage despite being two years older than the New Orleans Saints’ quarterback.

To be fair about things, Brady only had one completion in his rookie season for six yards, and he became a full-time starter for the Patriots after that. Brees had 15 completions for 221 yards in his rookie season with the San Diego Chargers and became a full-time starter from that point on.

Drew Brees has already broken a number of records throughout his historic career and he can get the next one in front of the fans in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. This next record may not even be close to the last one he captures and Fox Sports thinks that is due to the style with which he plays the game.

Throughout his career, Drew Brees has stayed relatively healthy despite that shoulder injury which ultimately landed him in New Orleans. Now, he continues to play with a style that isn’t dangerous or risky and one that makes his skills improve even though he continues to get older.

Sean Payton and the Saints organization does rise and set in New Orleans on the arm of Drew Brees. That is why the franchise has made sure to secure an offensive line that protects their quarterback and keeps him out of the grasp of extremely strong defensive players.

It isn’t just in how he plays the game, though. The longevity of Drew Brees’ playing time and the records that he will put out of reach are due in large part to his mind and his focus. Even with this huge record looming, Brees doesn’t want to talk about it when asked.

“For me, this isn’t a time for reflection. For me, it’s focusing on the game, focusing on what to do to win the game, doing my job, being the best decision-maker that I can be, putting us in the best position to succeed and put us in a position to win the game.”

No matter what record he has come close to breaking or what personal milestone may be set, Brees has always been like that. He said that he’ll have a chance to really reflect and reach out to thank everyone when his career “is all said and done.”

On this week’s Monday Night Football, there is a very good chance that Drew Brees will break the all-time passing yardage record against the Washington Redskins. There is also a very good chance that he will continue to build on that mark for many years to come and shatter other records in the process. If you talk to Brees, though, none of that will matter if the New Orleans Saints don’t end up getting the victory.