Ariel Winter Gives Very Revealing Look At New Magazine Shoot In Cleavage-Baring Dress

Amanda EdwardsGetty Images

Ariel Winter has never been shy about baring her body, and a new photo shoot for Composure magazine proves it.

On Sunday, the Modern Family actress shared a picture from her recent spread in the fashion magazine wearing a purple Steven Khalil dress that showed off plenty of cleavage. Ariel shared the picture on her Instagram page, making a reference to her tendency to show off her body.

“never been timid,” she wrote in the photo’s caption.

Winter’s fans seemed to love the photo, leaving thousands of comments and likes in just a few minutes after it was posted.

“Looking gorgeous,” one person wrote.

“Hot!” another added.

Ariel seemed to like the photo enough to make it the cover image of her Instagram page, and a few days before, she had shared the cover to the magazine that shows her posing in the same revealing dress.

In the Composure interview that accompanied the photo shoot, Ariel Winter opened up about becoming an advocate on topics ranging from body image to depression. Winter said she is happy to be part of a generation that doesn’t shy away from topics once seen as difficult to broach.

“The dangers of bullying and depression are nothing new, but with the emergence of social media, everything has gotten exacerbated,” she said “I feel that bullying and depression go hand in hand. I’ve experienced first-hand the toll bullying can take on anyone, no matter what age, so I don’t tolerate it. I suffered from depression before I was even on social media. I have been chronically depressed since childhood. Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of exposure to it.”

Winter spoke specifically about her advocacy related to depression, saying she hopes to help people see it as a disease rather than a deficiency. She noted that mental illness is something that touches all people, so it should be discussed.

“Depression is a dark hole to go at alone, and for a long time depression was seen as a disease or meant someone was broken,” she said. “In reality, most of the population has or will suffer from some form of mental illness in their lifetime. Mental illness doesn’t need to be hidden or glorified. It should be normalized to where people feel comfortable sharing with their families and friends, and know they’re not alone.”

Those who want to see more of Ariel Winter’s revealing photoshoot can check out Composure magazine’s website.