'Kerbal Space Program': Xbox One Release Announced

Kerbal Space Program, latest in a rapidly-growing list of popular indie games hitting consoles, has been officially announced for Xbox One. Kerbal Space Program, by indie developer Squad, recently left Early Access on Steam where it's rated "Overwhelmingly Positive" over almost 24,000 user reviews. News has been slow for Kerbal Space Program since its release, but according to a report from CinemaBlend, a trailer for Kerbal Space Program on Xbox One has been released.

For those who haven't had an opportunity to play the game yet, Kerbal Space Program is a quirky take on the popular sandbox simulation genre. At it's heart, it tries to be a true-to-life physics model game, where you're trying to get your Kerbals into space. In practice, the physics are a bit... wonky. And that's half the fun.

Much of Kerbal's success comes from the YouTube community, where player-made videos, usually of hilariously-bad attempts at getting the Kerbals into space, caused the game's popularity to skyrocket in its early days. Videos like this one.

... and videos like this one.
So, as Kerbal Space Program laughed its way to popularity, it gradually worked its way up to being the 6th highest-ranking game on Steam by user reviews and on June 5, it was announced that Kerbal Space Program was being ported to PlayStation 4 by Flying Tiger Entertainment. According to the official Kerbal forums, Flying Tiger will also be handling the port to Xbox One.

The game itself has been in development for roughly four years; Kerbal Space Program's first public release was in June, 2011, at which time it was still technically an alpha build. The game became available through Steam Early Access in March 2013, at which point it rapidly reached the Top 5 Best Selling Games and officially entered the beta phase in December, 2014.

Kerbal Space Program officially released in April this year, and aside from the PlayStation 4 release, there has been very little news. Now, on the heels of the Xbox One release announcement, the developers have begun talking about the game's next major patch, which will apparently rework many of the game's core systems and greatly improve stability, as well as adding a lot of new features.

Unfortunately, at this time there is no Kerbal Space Program release date for the Xbox One; that being said, we can likely expect a bit of a wait. The game was announced for PlayStation 4 in mid-June and has yet to release on the console.

[Image courtesy of Squad]