Donald Trump To Meet With Kim Jong-un A Second Time ‘In The Near Future’

Chung Sung-junGetty Image

While it may be old news that President Donald Trump has said that he and the North Korean leader “fell in love,” as the Inquisitr previously reported, there is some encouraging news on the horizon for those savvy students of international affairs. Trump took to Twitter earlier today to claim that his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, had just concluded a “good” meeting with Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang. Trump added in the postscript to this piece of news that he, himself, was looking forward to meeting with Chairman Kim a second time “in the near future.”

USA Today details that for his part, Mike Pompeo remained very tight lipped about the meeting, at least to figures in the media. After meeting with North Korea’s controversial leader, Pompeo made a two-hour trek via plane to South Korea in order to hold court with President Moon Jae-in. There, Pompeo imparted to the South Korean leader that the gist of their discussions should be held privately rather than publicly.

“I will surely tell you in private about our conversation. I thought we had a good, productive conversation, and as President Trump has said, there are many steps along the way, and we took one of them today, another step forward.”

As Al Jazeera reports, following the meeting between Pompeo and Moon Jae-in, South Korean officials announced that Kim had agreed to a second summit with President Trump “as soon as possible.” The news comes at a time where media speculation runs wild as to whether or not North Korea is being entirely honest about their pledge to entirely denuclearize, with critics often charging that many public measures taken to show their earnestness in the matter may in fact be propaganda efforts.

United States State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert may have put at least one primary fear connected to the critical narrative to rest, announcing that Kim Jong-un had agreed to invite inspectors to visit the Punggye Ri nuclear test facility in order to prove to the world that it had been “irreversibly dismantled.”

Moon’s press secretary Yoon Young-chan also indicated that Pompeo and the North Korean leadership had agreed to form a working group to discuss further details surrounding the denuclearization deal and to start getting things into place for the second summit between the two nations.

Kim Jong-un also seemed pleased with the outcome of the diplomatic discussions with the American statesman, saying that the event precipitated “a very nice day that promises a good future for both countries,” via an interpreter.

A firm date for the second summit has not been set, though Trump’s tweet makes it clear that it should occur sooner rather than later.