Bella Hadid Strikes A Pose & Shows Off A Plunging Neckline While Blowing Smoke

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American model and international beauty sensation Bella Hadid took to popular social media platform Instagram earlier today to show off a bit of her more seductive side.

In a trio of photographs shared to the service, Hadid delivers a smoldering look into the camera lens as she tousles her hair with her hands and blows twin plumes of smoke from what appears to be a vape pen. Covered in a bronze, almost sweaty sheen that only adds to the coy and suggestive quality of the overall aesthetic, Hadid’s three snapshots are also delivered in a decidedly lo-fi format. The pictures are low resolution and lie thick with soft focus, likely both filters being applied in post-production to add a sense of retro-inspired nostalgia to the photo shoot — along with the smoke.

Showing models smoking — or in more modern times, vaping — has always been a risque endeavor. As smoking has fallen out of public favor, at least amongst the luxury set according to the Washington Post, it would appear that Hadid is pushing the new hotness in the form of the vaporizer pen. Going hands-free — the pen between light pink lips — Hadid manages to summon two strong streams of smoke, or vapor, which she blows in opposite directions.

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Libra Szn????♎️???? @lilmami_lani

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In the images, Hadid is captured wearing a bright yellow and orange camisole complete with a plunging neckline that shows off more than a bit of skin. The almost tie-dye coloration of the spaghetti-strapped garment resembles the burning hot surface of the Sun, perhaps tying back into the sense of heat that the photo set is so obviously trying to portray. Even Hadid’s hair looks a bit wet, thick and heavy with perspiration or with some sort of oil.


The model rounds out the look with a dangling necklace and two large hoop earrings that seem to catch the light in an entirely new way in each of the three pictures.

Hadid’s admirers on Instagram were not shy in showering the series of images with over 250,000 likes and over 2,000 comments in the short span of time that the share has been live. Hadid captioned the titillating triptych with a simple “Libra Szn,” making reference to both her own astrological sign — and upcoming birthday of October 9 — as well as the fact that the shoot was conducted under the governance of the same sign. claims that Libras can “often be found ‘up in the clouds,'” and it appears that this description rings true — at least where Hadid’s latest social media share is concerned.

Bella Hadid has been making headlines most recently for the rumors that she is back in a committed relationship with her former ex-boyfriend and fellow celebrity, The Weeknd. As AOL details, it appears that Hadid and the pop star are back together after being on a bit of a hiatus. After having been spotted together twice over the past week in New York City, it appears to be obvious that their love has been fully rekindled despite their time apart.