With ‘Fallout: 76’ On The Way, Here’s 4 ‘Fallout’ Story Mods Worth Looking Into

Fans of the Fallout franchise are a complicated mix, and it can be difficult to please everyone.

Fallout 4 was met with mixed reviews, but many noted its lack of player choice and compelling story. Some fans have even expressed disappointment in Bethesda’s treatment of the franchise as a whole, saying that Fallout: New Vegas, a project spearheaded primarily by Obsidian, is the only 3D Fallout experience that truly captured what made the title great in the first place.

While certain parts of the Fallout community are rife with discussion and arguments about the games, there’s one thing the entire fanbase can agree on: mods. Whether they exist to fix bugs, make aesthetic tweaks, or give your player godlike powers, members of the fanbase regularly use their coding talents to improve the game.

However, teams of ambitious modders are taking it a step further. They’re creating entire stories, maps, and questlines for players to enjoy.

Fallout: 76 is slated to be an online multiplayer project. For those who prefer the offline story-driven nature of the previous games, mods are a hot-button topic. Here are five Fallout expansions worth keeping an eye on, especially if you’re looking for another post-apocalyptic plot to sink your teeth into.

Many of these mods are still in development, but the release date for Fallout: New California edges closer by the day. With 16,000 new lines of dialogue, 12 different endings, and a fresh story, New California has used its 5-year development period to do some impressive work. The only thing you need to play it is a basic copy of Fallout: New Vegas, and you’re set to enjoy the mod on October 23.

Another New Vegas mod worth looking at is Fallout: The Frontier, a story that takes place in Portland, Oregon. After three years, this mod is nearing completion as well. It’s slated to release near the end of 2018, so it might be a delightful Christmas present for everyone that’s not already embroiled in New California.

Fallout: Miami has been the source of some serious hype recently, for good reason. This mod recently put out a phenomenal trailer, complete with narration and another loveable radio host. While many of the Fallout games feature serious, solemn environments, Fallout: Miami is adding a dash of color and comedy to the mix. Its release date is unknown, but their blog posts detailed updates every month, and it’s obviously far along in terms of production.

Finally, we have Fallout 4: (New) New Vegas, a reconstruction of the beloved Obsidian Fallout RPG from 2010. This mod is extremely ambitious and aims to include everything from the base game, lovingly re-rendered with Fallout 4‘s breathtaking graphics. It’s a challenge, but it will be the feat of a lifetime if they succeed.