Hilaria Baldwin Shows Off Dramatic Post-Baby Weight Loss In Bikini Photos

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Hilaria Baldwin, the yoga-teacher wife of actor Alec Baldwin, continues to be a weight-loss inspiration to new moms with her enviable Instagram bikini photos.

Baldwin — who gave birth to her fourth child in May 2018 — looked sensational in a black bra and bikini panties in stunning before-and-after photos she posted on social media.

“The recovery from baby number 4 continues,” Hilaria wrote in the caption. “I share my journey and posts here because I believe so strongly that smart exercise, good eating, and a calm mind = healthy body.”

While many of Baldwin’s 410,000 followers gave her props for looking so healthy and fit, others lobbed snarky comments at her, saying the brunette beauty is a “freaking obsessed creep” who’s shallow and self-absorbed for posting bikini photos.

Lost All Her Baby Weight Less Than Two Months Postpartum

Hilaria’s fans defended her by saying she’s a fitness expert and that’s why it’s appropriate for her to post before-and-after weight loss snapshots.

Even her haters have to admit that Baldwin looks fantastic and has lost all her baby weight in record time — just like she did with her three previous pregnancies.

Hilaria’s weight loss secrets were a mostly vegan diet and daily workouts that include cardio exercise, yoga, calisthenics, light weight-training, and Pilates, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

Baldwin credited a healthy diet and daily exercise during her four pregnancies for her speedy post-baby weight loss.

Despite being a hands-on mom, Hilaria makes time to work out every day, even if it means sneaking in ab exercises in her bathroom or doing yoga poses while playing with her toddlers.

Baldwin admits that she has days where she’s totally unmotivated to exercise. This is something everyone can relate to.

“Showing up is the most difficult challenge,” Hilaria wrote on Instagram. “I had to drag myself out and do even a little…The body wants attention and wants to be moved. So important for your circulation, your health, your happiness, and for your strength.”

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Probably one of the most asked for exercises on my page is diastasis rect aka abdominal separation. I haven’t posted about this because I didn’t suffer from it with my pregnancies and wanted to do a lot of research before offering solutions. Most important concept is to CONTRACT AND ZIPPER UP YOUR ABS, RIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF YOUR TUMMY. Think about where the separation is and try to connect it again, through activation of core. Maintain this and 1: Releve and tuck hips under and foreword for 10. 2: Incline forward, pull in tighter through your lower belly, flex feet and pulse for 10. 3: Stand again, releve and shake hips side to side for 20. 3 sets of all 3 exercises. YOU MUST MAINTAIN CONTRACTION, OR IT WONT WORK. Do daily in am and pm...share with your friends so you can help them too #wegotthis2018 ps wardrobe choice is to show proper form. All fashion police will be blocked immediately ????????‍♀️

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While Baldwin said she ate small amounts of chicken, fish, and eggs for extra protein while gestating, she normally sticks to a mostly vegan diet.

Hilaria said she became a vegetarian when she was five-years-old and gave up dairy at age 20, The Cut reported. In recent years, Baldwin has pivoted to a mostly vegan diet.

Her daily workouts typically include calisthenics, running, yoga, and lifting light weights at high repetitions.

“Every body is different, but I believe in staying as active as possible,” Hilaria wrote on Instagram.