Heidi Klum Shares Cute Snapchat Video Of Her And Tom Kaulitz As Dogs Licking Each Other

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Heidi Klum is loving her Snapchat videos lately. In a recent Instagram post, the supermodel shared a cute moment between her and her boyfriend, Tom Kaulitz. They were using a couple of dog filters so that when they stuck their tongues out, it looks like a dog’s. While the happy couple couldn’t get enough of the funny sight, they eventually ended up pretending to lick each other. It’s a bit strange, which some fans noted. For the most part, people noted that they are cute and sweet together, with one person saying, “How lucky for you.”

Klum hasn’t been shy at all about her new and exciting relationship with Tom. Kaulitz, who is a musician, also has an identical twin brother. The couple appears to be doing well, and Heidi sometimes shares cute photos of her posing with Tom.

But lately, Heidi’s mind has been on Halloween. She shared a video of a clay mask that’s being made for the occasion, but nobody knows for sure what the end result will be. She was even spotted with a shopping cart bursting with Halloween decorations from Party City last Thursday, according to the Blast. The model even wore a black T-shirt with a skull on it and was wearing a black-cat headband on her way out of the store.

Besides that, Heidi caused quite a stir at New York Fashion Week when she announced that she would be leaving her post at Project Runway. In fact, Klum is leaving the show along with the much-loved mentor, Tim Gunn. But this hardly signals the end of the duo, as they’re both heading to Amazon to start up a whole new series that’s supposed to put the focus more on the designers than ever before.

Klum has become a very popular figure, not just for her modeling but also for her TV appearances. Besides Project Runway, she’s a loved judge on America’s Got Talent.

When asked about her confidence and how that’s evolved as she got older, this is what Heidi said.

“To be honest, I was always pretty confident. I think because I danced 15 years. I’ve always been on the stage dancing. I started when I was very young. My daughter [Leni] is doing the same thing now. She dances three times a week, 15 hours a week. I used to love dancing too, and I think being on the stage from an early age, I don’t know, I was always a confident girl.”