Wife of ex-NBA star shot to death on Brooklyn street

Audrey (also reported as Carrie and Sherrie) Johnson, 51, wife of ex-NBA player World B. Free, was struck and killed by a stray bullet in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn last night.

The shooting occurred at about 9:30pm at Clifton Place and Franklin Avenue in Bed-Stuy, after an altercation on the street. Johnson reportedly stepped outside to check on the boyfriend of her niece. Johnson’s niece’s boyfriend, 25-year-old Laqwan Williams, was being assaulted on the street by one of more of them men thought to be responsible for the shooting when Johnson stepped in. Johnson was shot once in the head and died at the scene, and her 14-year-old nephew was shot in the leg and transported to a local hospital.

Williams is being questioned as to the reason for the altercation, but no arrests have been made in the killing. NBA star World B. Free played for a number of teams in the 1970s.