Toddler Who Survived Mom’s Suicide Plunge 15 Years Ago Jumps To Her Death At Age 18

Dave ThompsonGetty Images

A terrible tragedy occurred in 2003 when a toddler was taken into her mother’s arms as she jumped from a seven-story balcony in Maidstone, Kent, England. The child miraculously survived the fall, but Maxine Carr didn’t. Now 15 years later, this same young girl also plunged to her death in what appears to be a suicide.

According to the New York Post, Yazmina Howard, 18, allegedly jumped from a highway bridge on Monday, October 1, and and was later found dead from her injuries. After authorities investigated the incident, they deemed that there was no suspicious activity involved. The girl’s grandparents, Janet and Michael Howard, took her in and raised her after her mother died. They are heartbroken and said that they have no idea what would have led their granddaughter to do this.

Janet said that a text came from Yazmina around 9:23 p.m. letting her know that she was fine. She was said to be meeting a friend for pizza that night. The fall from the bridge happened about 10 p.m. Describing her granddaughter as beautiful and strong, Howard did say that she struggled with her emotions over the years.

“She was an emotional person, which may have been connected to the trauma she experienced when we lost her mom, but she seemed to battle through it all.”

Her mother’s suicide jump from her flat 15 years ago with her daughter in her arms caused 3-year-old Yazmina to suffer from not only a broken arm, rib, and jaw, but also skull damage. The two had fallen 100 feet from the balcony where they lived. The toddler was found close to her mother crying and hurt. She recovered from the fall with the help of her grandparents.


Mrs. Howard described her granddaughter as a caring person who was not known for going out to clubs or smoking. She was a college student who loved animals and caring for the environment. She also said that they treated her as if she was their daughter, having raised her for most of her life. They both said that this loss has left a big void in their lives.

Flowers have been left on the bridge where Yazmina fell to her death, as well as loving tributes to the teen from those who knew her. According to a report by People, Yazmina’s aunt, Michelle Sayers, left a heartfelt message on Facebook. She wrote, “For those who knew my sister Maxine, her beautiful daughter Yazmina is now with her, angels together.”