Demi Rose Dons Tiny Zebra-Print Bikini And Talks About ‘Beautiful Things In Humble Places’


Demi Rose shared a bikini pic on Instagram today, this time sporting a tiny zebra-print swimsuit next to a beautiful outdoor jacuzzi. The photo is geotagged Ibiza, so it’s likely an older picture from this past summer. She’s currently believed to be back in the U.K., but preparing to move to the U.S. to pursue acting.

In the photo, Demi is standing and looking down to the right, as the sunshine peeks through the gazebo. The backdrop is beautiful, with green rolling hills. The Instagram sensation captioned this photo as follows.

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”

The quote appears to be from Camille Pissarro, according to Goodreads. Pissarro was a painter that specialized in the French-Impressionist style. He was alive between 1830 through 1903, according to

In other news, Demi’s unfortunately just lost her father, so she may be going through a hard time. With that in mind, many of her fans sent her messages of condolences on her previous post. On the other hand, some of her fans may have not heard the news, and it was business as usual with tons of positive comments about how great she looked.

Previously, Demi shared a photo of herself wearing a latex cat mask and sheer pants that had fans going wild. She posted it on the same day that she shared with fans that her dad passed away. In the picture, she’s leaning against the wall as her derriere is on full display. Demi wore a pink bra and a thong bottom, with a sheer, flowy black pair of pants.

For some reason, the photo is dated 1998, so people are confused about that. Obviously it’s not really a photo of Demi from back then, since she’s only 23-years-old right now.


Rose skyrocketed to fame after she took a vacation to the U.S., but was well-received by the “it” crowd. This is how she described it.

“I only went [to Miami] to see a friend to celebrate my birthday but it led to other things.”

The “other things” included being seen with Tyga soon after he had split from Kylie Jenner, detailed the Mirror. And as far as her famous figure, this is how she described her diet.

“I get my curves from my mum and my slim arms and legs from my dad. I maintain my figure by not eating any fried food or any bread. Protein only.”