'Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Hope Defends Brooke When Steffy Catches Her Cheating With Bill

Tracey Johnson

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Hope (Annika Noelle) will defend Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) when Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) calls out her mother on her cheating ways.

Now it is not unusual for mother and daughter to stand together. In fact, B&B viewers already know that Hope runs to her mother if someone so much as looks at her the wrong way. So, it should come as no surprise that when Steffy begins her attack on Brook that Hope jumps to her defense. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, via Soap Central, indicates that Hope isn't about to let Steffy demean her mother.

But what did Brooke do to deserve such treatment? Well, teasers state that Brooke and Bill (Don Diamont) kiss during the week of October 8 and that Steffy will see it. Steffy fans may need a moment to just let that sink in for a while. Brooke, the woman who called Steffy a whore, is cheating on Steffy's father, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), with the very man she warned Steffy against. How's that for ironic?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers state that Steffy will be shocked when she sees her stepmother lip-locked with Bill, the man she just divorced for Ridge. Over the past year, Brooke has made it very clear that she is on a morally higher ground than Steffy who has no values at all.


Brooke belittled Steffy to everyone she came across and told them that she doesn't deserve Liam (Scott Clifton). She believed that Hope was a better match for him because she didn't betray his trust. She constantly rubbed Steffy's nose in the fact that she slept with Bill Spencer and that she was morally reprehensible.

Yet, now Steffy sees with her own eyes what a hypocrite Brooke really is. Not only is she meeting Bill in secret behind Ridge's back, but she is cheating on Ridge as well. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Steffy will certainly tell her father about what his bride has been up to when she thought that no one was watching.

Ridge will be devastated and confront his wife. He will also think that she is a hypocrite because she had just put him on short notice for colluding with the judge in Bill and Katie's (Heather Tom) custody case over Will (Finnegan George). Now he finds out that she has been in cahoots with his enemy all along. As for Hope, what can she possibly say in defense of her mother who has been caught with her hand in the cookie jar? Tune in to Bold and the Beautiful, then check back with the Inquisitr for your latest spoilers, updates, and news.