Taylor Swift Shakes Her Booty In Denim Shorts During Dress Rehearsal With Maren Morris

Nicholas Morine

Demand was so heavy for Taylor Swift in Dallas, Texas, that she was forced to add a second night to her tour stop in the southern city. While rehearsing for her performance at the AT&T Stadium, Swift rocked some black denim shorts and a tight black t-shirt as she was joined on stage by country music sensation Maren Morris. The 28-year-old Morris was a surprise musical guest during Swift's sold out concert, unannounced on the official ticket stubs and on the program but appearing nonetheless -- to great acclaim from concert goers in attendance.

Sharing a picture of their dress rehearsal to popular social media platform Instagram, Taylor Swift showed off some serious style moves as she struck a pose in the all black ensemble. Swinging her hips to the side and throwing some attitude into her dance moves, Swift is pictured from behind practicing for that night's performance. She is joined on-stage by Morris, who is pictured in profile wearing cut-off black shorts somewhat similar in appearance to Swift's -- as well as a brightly colored sweater bearing all of the colors of the rainbow, rolled up to the sleeve.

Both women appear to be having a great deal of fun together, with Maren wielding a white microphone and Swift clutching a black one.

"Frolicking with Maren in an empty stadium and then a full one. Thanks for a magical evening guys. This was one to remember ❤️????????."

It would seem that her fans and followers on social media are in agreement, showering the performative photo with over 830,000 likes in the hours since the post has gone live. As Taylor Swift does not generally allow comments on her Instagram shares, likes are the only metric by which the popularity of the image can be judged.

Given that the first show in Dallas for her current "Reputation" tour was not enough to satisfy local demand, as the AT&T Stadium website details, it seems as if Swift's popularity is beyond questioning. Joined by musical guests Camila Cabello and CharliXCX, Swift performed in front of a hugely energetic crowd for both nights of this particular stopover.

According to The Boot, Maren Morris' appearance at the concert was a welcome surprise to concertgoers. Swift would join Morris to perform the latter's country music hit single, "The Middle."

"I hope you don't mind that I planned something special," Swift called out to the audience before bringing Morris on. "I get to bring out somebody who I am -- I think I can safely categorize myself as a superfan of this artist. I listen to [Morris' Hero album] over and over and over, and I can't wait to see what she does next."