‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Jordan Kimball Accused Of Sending Fake Texts In Jenna Cooper Cheating Scandal

Paul HebertABC

Bachelor in Paradise star Jordan Kimball has spoiled his former fiance’s “huge twist” in the controversy over her alleged leaked text messages. Kimball posted a letter from Jenna Cooper’s legal team to Instagram which shows that he is being accused of sending the phony messages.

The bizarre twist comes one month after Jenna and Jordan’s fairytale engagement aired on the Bachelor in Paradise finale. There was trouble in paradise just ahead of the TV proposal, when spoiler king Reality Steve Carbone posted bombshell cheating allegations against Cooper that included screenshots of text messages between her and another man.

Cooper has staunchly claimed her innocence and promised that she has “forensic” iCloud evidence that will prove her innocence. It now appears Cooper is claiming she was framed by Kimball.

Jordan Kimball posted a series of screenshots of a letter allegedly from Jenna Cooper’s attorney which claim that he was the one who “fabricated” the cheating texts and sent them to Reality Steve. In the letter, Kimball is asked to publicly apologize to Jenna and confirm that she was not the one to send the incriminating texts. The letter also includes a threat to release private text messages between Jordan and Jenna to further prove her innocence and warns Kimball not to share the note with anyone except his own attorney.

“The fabricated texts appear to be a ‘cliffs notes’ version of your texts with Jenna,” the letter states. “This is your last chance to remediate the harm to Jenna before we take action against you and Stephen Carbone.” You can see Jordan Kimball’s Instagram post below.

Reality Steve promptly responded to Jordan’s post with a message of his own. The Bachelor blogger took to Twitter to tell fans, “Yes, I’ve seen @jordan__kimball IG post of the letter Jenna’s lawyer sent him. Same lawyer that sent me a letter that we responded to within 24 hrs and never heard back from. Jordan and I had a good laugh over this. We’ve officially entered Crazy Town and Jenna is the Mayor.”

Meanwhile, an insider told E! News that Jordan Kimball is “very emotional” over the situation and feels like he only knew one side of Jenna Cooper. Kimball posted a short video on his Instagram Story to warn his followers about who to trust.

“I don’t think anyone really quite understands what I have been going through lately,” Kimball said. “Be careful with who you choose to put in your life. I won’t be talking about this matter anymore.”

Jenna Cooper has not publicly responded to Jordan Kimball’s Instagram post.