Sarah Hyland Shares Steamy Bathroom Selfie In Barely-There Bikini, Proudly Baring Her Scars

Jerod HarrisGetty Images

Sarah Hyland is baring herself to fans, sharing a very steamy selfie in a tiny bikini that also shows off her scars.

The Modern Family actress took to Instagram on Friday to share a picture from her bathroom showing a tiny bikini top. In the caption for the photo, Hyland included the hashtag #showyourscars, a reference to the scar that was left over from her 2012 kidney transplant that has had lasting effects on her health.

Hyland has shared other bikini pictures that show her scars prominently, which Allure noted is empowering for others with hang-ups about their bodies.

“Hyland’s candid attitude about her scars is important because it helps others with similar experiences feel less alone,” the report noted. “It’s also a reminder that a scar (or any skin condition for that matter) is nothing to be ashamed of. These skin conditions don’t take away from someone’s beauty, and the fact that Sarah embraces her scars is inspiring.”

Though her most recent bikini picture did generate some trolling comments about her tiny frame, others were happy to see Sarah Hyland so willing to share herself so confidently, especially after going through health struggles.

“I’ve seen so many positive comments on here and it makes my heart happy,” one person wrote. “[Sarah Hyland] has not only struggled with health issues but she’s a woman in the public eye. For her to feel confident in ANY photo of herself (bikini or not) is everything and the only thing that matters. She’s gorgeous and enjoying her life. Maybe all the people writing nasty comments should focus on enjoying their own lives instead of trying to make someone else’s miserable.”

Hyland opened up last year about the lasting effects of her kidney transplant, telling fans that she has facial swelling from the daily dose of the steroid prednisone that she needs to prevent organ rejection. Hyland has developed a very detailed regimen to counteract the swelling, showing fans some of the routine in her Instagram story. It also gave fans a glimpse of the difficulties the condition can cause for someone who is always in the spotlight.

Sarah Hyland has also explained that the condition makes it difficult for her to gain weight, and has pushed back against people who branded her “anorexic” online. As the Daily Mail noted, Hyland said she is not in control of the situation and is “not a fan of being skinny.”