‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Star Mercedes Javid Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Jerod HarrisBravoTV

Shahs of Sunset couple Mercedes Javid (MJ) and Tommy Feight announced today that they are expecting their first child. The couple, who will get married later this season in a big wedding on the Bravo show, actually tied the knot in April.

MJ shared with Page Six that she and Tommy found out that she was pregnant on Thursday, and friends shared the good news on Friday. MJ, 44, shared her fertility struggle on Shahs of Sunset, and obviously, the treatments worked.

Javid told Page Six in August that she had just finished the treatments and her fingers were crossed.

“We’re almost done, so fingers crossed we’ll be starting a family in the near future. The biggest message to women on this journey is to find a good support network or support group or people who have gone through it and talk about it because it’ll probably feel better the more questions you ask.”

At this time the storyline is still covering the wedding prep as Javid and Feight get ready for their big Persian wedding.

Bravo confirmed that Javid and Feight are indeed expecting their first child, and are both very excited. Javid’s storyline included her fear that she wouldn’t have a child due to her age.

Javid shared that due to the fertility drugs, it’s been a rough path to motherhood.


“It’s just not an easy road. There’s just a lot of bumps [in the road] and a lot of unexpected things. The side effects of the meds are really awful. They make you moody and they bloat you and migraines and all sorts of awful things. But it’s worth it in the end.”

Particularly after losing her father this season, MJ’s fertility struggle has been bittersweet.

“I’m very, very ready to be a mom. I’m very much looking forward to being pregnant and all the morning sickness or whatever comes with it, all the good or the bad.”

But while MJ’s pregnancy won’t be the first one on Shahs of Sunset, to hear Reza and Adam talk, it won’t be the last baby on the show. Reza has spoken out to say that he’d be interested if anyone would like to donate eggs or be a surrogate for him and Adam.

“Adam and I are probably going to have a kid pretty soon, so if anyone wants to donate their eggs or their services as a surrogate, we would love to accept it! I’m finding out that it’s incredibly expensive to have a biological child as two gay men. I looked on eBay but there were no kids for sale there!”