Bernie Sanders Saved A D.C. Law Student From Being Hit By A Car, Then Took A Selfie With Her

Nathan Francis

Bernie Sanders sold himself in 2016 as the candidate who was looking out for the youngest generation of Americans.

Now, he can say that literally.

The Vermont Senator was walking in Washington, D.C., this week when he came across a law student lost in her thoughts and about to step into traffic. As the legal blog Above The Law noted, Sanders noticed the young woman and yelled to catch her attention before she stepped into certain doom.

The young woman, Amy Currotto, is a student at the University of the District of Columbia's David A. Clarke School of Law. She talked to People about the incident, saying she went from being lost in thought to star-struck at being saved by the former presidential candidate.

Currotto, who said she was already a Bernie Sanders supporter, even agreed to take a selfie after saving her life.

"I was about to ask him for a picture and he's like, 'Well, if we're gonna take a picture, we're going to have to do this fast,'" Currotto said. "It was crazy that I had this opportunity to meet him on a street corner randomly," she adds.

Currotto's story and her selfie have gotten some viral fame, earning a few more points for a Senator who is already one of the most popular politicians in America. A Morning Consult poll of all U.S. Senators found that Bernie Sanders was far above the rest, enjoying a 72 percent approval rating. His fellow Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy came in second at 65 percent.

"It is going to be hard choice for them if it is Bernie and Elizabeth both in the race," Vikki Brown, chair of the Black Hawk County Iowa Democrats, told the Washington Times.

Bernie Sanders has already positioned himself as one of the top critics of Donald Trump while also continuing to build his resume in fighting for working Americans. After placing significant pressure on Amazon to raise wages for their employees, the company announced this week that it would be instituting a $15 minimum hourly wage for all employees. Sanders was credited with being one of the driving forces behind that decision.

And saving absent-minded law students from being hit by a car likely will help Bernie Sanders as well.