Yankees Fan Who Threw Beer On Oakland Fan At Wild Card Game Makes Peace, Two Go Out Clubbing Together

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Yankees fans have a bit of a reputation for bad behavior, but according to Sports Illustrated, at least one example of that misbehavior ended on a positive note. John Spencer was in the rightfield bleachers supporting the Oakland A’s at a Yankee’s game when a Yankees fan drenched him in beer. The Yankees fan reached out to Spencer after the event, and the two went out together for drinks.

John Spencer was at the Yankees vs. Athletics game on Thursday in Brooklyn when a Yankees fan soaked him in beer and then threw the plastic cup at his head. Spencer turned to find out who had tossed the drink but wasn’t immediately able to identify the culprit. People on Twitter praised Spencer for keeping his cool after the unexpected shower.

“Watch this @Yankees fan stupidly throw beer all over an @Athletics fan, who somehow kept his cool,” tweeted A’s on NBCS.

After the footage of the beer throwing hit the internet, the Oakland A’s sent out a call on Thursday to find the soaked fan. Within two hours, Spencer replied to the A’s tweet.

“That’s me!! Never been more proud to be an A’s fan. Born and raised in Oakland but living in Brooklyn now. Sad my chavez jersey got covered in beer but it was so worth it! Y’all are the best!” he said.

The A’s updated their post, telling everyone that they’d found the fan and were planning to send him a package and to host him at a game.

“UPDATE: We found him! Now dry, the Oakland native and current NY resident is John Spencer. We’ll be sending John a care package and we’ll host him at a game next season. Thanks for representing the A’s in New York, John! #RootedInOakland #HeroTown,” the team posted on their Twitter account.

It seems as though the A’s fan wasn’t the only one getting doused at the game. A’s reliever Shawn Kelley said that the Oakland bullpen had beer thrown on it multiple times during the game.

After the event went viral, the Yankees fan who threw the beer invited Spencer out for drinks. The two went to a nightclub in Brooklyn, and the Yankees fan posted snaps of the two together on his Instagram story.

“Spread love that’s the Brooklyn way,” the unidentified man tagged on one of the pictures.

The now infamous video of the beer throwing went viral and has over 2.39 million views on Twitter. It shows the Yankees fan throwing a nearly-full beer across the crowd to hit Spencer, who was celebrating the Oakland A’s.