Floyd Mayweather Flew All The Way To Iceland — Just To Take An Instagram Picture

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As the weather starts to cool down in the Northern Hemisphere and summer gives way to fall, many may plot out vacation plans to warmer destinations. Floyd Mayweather had the same idea in mind, with a twist — going to a warm spot in a traditionally cooler area.

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is considered by many to be one of the 25 wonders of the world, according to reporting from Business Insider. Mayweather isn’t alone in wanting to see the destination, of course, but his recent trip there made headlines when it happened — mainly because it appeared that he made the trip spontaneously, and solely to make an Instagram post to his user profile.

“Floyd flew to Iceland on a private jet to take pictures for Instagram,” a source with knowledge of his trip said. “He flew back right after that. It’s just him and some members of his team.”

His travels there were very short-lived. “He didn’t even spend the night,” the source added.

Mayweather took two pictures at the Blue Lagoon itself, writing in one of the posts that the hot springs specifically drew his attention to the area. “Life is all about experiencing different things,” he wrote in a caption for the post. “So, I decided to come check out Iceland. It is one of the most sought out countries for hot springs.”

Based off the video — and image — that he shared with his followers, it’s easy to see why this was a destination that the retired boxer had sought out.

The Blue Lagoon certainly lives up to its name, as the video above by Mayweather demonstrates. In a second photo, Mayweather himself is featured, seen posing in the springs in front of some rockier terrain.

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Spontaneous flights like these would cost a small fortune for most looking to emulate the boxer’s travel style. But Mayweather, 41-years-old and now retired from his sport, has both the time and the wealth to make such travels possible.

In April of this year, Mayweather’s fought the final bout of his career, defeating UFC fighter Conor McGregor in a pure boxing match. For his taking part in the matchup, Mayweather earned more than $275 million.

The fight was significant for another reason: it capped off a perfect 50-0 professional record for the fighter, according to reporting from the Guardian.

The boxer was very confident about his win — even before it happened. Mayweather, in preparation for the fight, even patented several different versions of the phrase “50-0” to use in the years ahead for personal branding purposes.