‘Shameless’ Shanola Hampton Drops Teaser Photo Of Next Episode

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Shameless turned 100 last week and the 100th episode was a real ringer. Now, the real question is whether the Showtime series can follow the 100th episode with an equally exciting episode. If anyone is up to that task, it certainly is the Gallagher family.

For anyone hoping to get a little inside information on the next Shameless episode airing this Sunday, Shanola Hampton – who plays V – dropped a teaser photo and a few small spoilers on what to expect during the next episode.

  • Did Frank finally drink too much?
  • Why are V and Kevin visiting Frank at the hospital?
  • How do fans feel about Ian not being a ginger anymore?

These are just a few of the questions Shanola’s teaser photo leaves fans wondering.

“Sunday V in more fake name brand jumpsuits, Frank in the hospital, and Ian with dark hair,” Hampton revealed in the caption of her Instagram photo to her 1 million followers. Hampton also revealed the next episode was directed by none other than William H. Macy himself.

In just a few hours of being published on her Instagram profile, Shanola’s photo accumulated nearly 14,000 likes and almost 50 comments. Shameless fans – and fans of Hampton – were quick to sound off with their thoughts in the comment section of the photo.

“Frank should have been dead after s1 e1,” one user chimed in, reminding everyone how many times Macy’s character had nearly escaped an alcohol-induced death.

Many of the individuals who took the time to comment focused on how pretty Shanola’s jumpsuit was and how great her body looked.

“You literally have the greatest body on Earth. I decided that this season. Well maybe last season,” one Instagram user admitted.

A second agreed, “With that body who needs designer duds anyway?”

“9 Seasons later and still as beautiful as ever,” a third chimed in.

Naturally, there were also several individuals who commented simply on how they could not wait for the next episode.

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I’ll take a family morning! @shameless

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Shanola also shared the teaser photo with her 233,000 Twitter followers. The general consensus on Twitter was the same as Instagram – Hampton looked great, Frank is lucky to be alive, and this is easily the best episode yet.

Titled “Black-Haired Ginger,” the Season 9, Episode 5 official synopsis on the Showtime website reads, “Frank’s new liver medication comes with tragic side effects. Ian tries to get away from Fiona’s hovering. Lip has to keep himself occupied during a day of temptation. Carl makes a connection at a West Point mixer. Debbie tries to repair things with Alex.”

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Family for real! TBT #babylove #itsacelebration

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Tune in to watch Shameless on Sunday only on Showtime.