Courtney Hope From ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Smolders In Black & Nude Lingerie & Flaunts Incredible Body

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Bold and the Beautiful’s Courtney Hope flaunted her incredible body on Instagram. Hope makes Victoria’s Secret models look tame as she poses in a skimpy black and nude panty and bra set that is so naughty, no wonder she hasn’t worn it on daytime television. The actress wears nothing but the underwear, black knee-high stockings, and a sexy red shade of come-hither lips. Hope tosses her head back and looks straight at the camera while kneeling on a chair with her toned body posed to perfection. She captioned the photo by asking if B&B viewers were enjoying the “intimates” line on the show.

Sally Spectra, played by Hope, had Bold and the Beautiful fans in a frenzy yesterday as message boards and social media lit up with comments about the character’s scenes with Wyatt (Darin Brooks) during the week of October 1. The Inquisitr reported that Sally gave Wyatt a private show of the lingerie she designed for “intimates.” She was thrilled that Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) really liked her work and decided to celebrate by showing her boyfriend her talents. Wyatt really liked what he saw, and so did the viewers.

@VenStar7 replied to Hope’s question and said, “The line is fabulous you look stunning.” On the Soap Central message boards, in a thread titled “One hot redhead!” BlueGalexy wrote what many other viewers were thinking.

“I gotta say…Sally looked super hot in her newly minted FC Intimates today! From the way Wyatt was hard pressed to speak in whole sentences, I’d say he agreed, lol.”

Even some of Hope’s co-stars weighed in. Karla Mosely, who plays Maya Avant Forrester, said, “Oh just hanging around…. looking AMAZING!” while Keith Carlos, who plays Danny the model, wanted to know (tongue-in-cheek) if she had designed the lingerie. Her real-life boyfriend Chad Duell, who plays Michael Corinthos on General Hospital, posted a demure “My my my,” which spoke volumes on what he thought of his girlfriend’s attire.

The redhead, who is in peak physical shape, is also a fitness instructor. According to IMDb she enjoys a kickboxing, pilates, and dancing which explains why her body is so toned and defined. Although Hope is widely known for her role as Sally on Bold and the Beautiful, she also starred in Allegiant, the second film in the Divergent series. But gamers simply know her face as Beth Wilder from the hit video game Quantum Break.

However you enjoy Courtney Hope, the lady knows how to show off her best features and we’re not complaining.

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