Lena Dunham Reveals Why She Exposed Herself To Brad Pitt

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Lena Dunham was caught by photographers on the set of Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming movie Once Upon A Time in Hollywood flashing Brad Pitt her underwear. Actress Margaret Qualley also got a quick look at the actresses’ undergarments.

Although it was a “cheeky” move, the actress explained why she showed her skivvies in the street to her sexy movie co-star.

When Dunham appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the 32-year-old actress happily offered some insight into her surprise flash that was caught by paparazzi, according to E!.

“Was this part of the movie?” Jimmy Kimmel asked.

Dunham replied, “Certainly no. That was between takes, [with] him trying to sort of chill and brush up on his lines. It made sense in the moment. We were talking about kewpie dolls. Do you guys know what a kewpie doll is? It’s like an illustrated character of the 1920s.”

“Someone asked, ‘What’s a kewpie doll?’ And I said, ‘Well, I can show you. I’ve got one right here on my side’…If you’ve got it illustrated on your body, who are you not to show this?” she explained.

Kimmel was amused by the chain of events that led to the flash and was even more titillated when Dunham revealed she was “advised” not to recreate the moment for the talk show host by her publicist.

She then revealed that the thought of going against the norm was very appealing and made her want to show off her ink to the world even more.

Dunham wisely chose otherwise.

The former Girls star and creator is once again working with business partner Jenni Konner on the HBO series Camping, starring Jennifer Garner.

Dunham thrills at seeing Garner play against her nice-girl image, but revealed that indeed, her “hateful” persona was all for the cameras.

To prove what a warm person Garner is, Dunham added, “She baked a blueberry buckle for the crew in the morning before she came in. Three or four times!”

Camping is about an obsessively organized and aggressively controlling woman who gathers together her meek sister, her holier-than-thou ex-best friend, and a free-spirited tagalong for a back-to-nature camping trip to celebrate her husband’s 44th birthday.

Clearly, all signs point to the trip falling apart, but with a supporting cast that includes Brett Gelman, Bridget Everett, Janicza Bravo, and Juliette Lewis, the downward spiral of Garner and friends looks like it’s going to be a lot of cringeworthy fun.

Camping airs on HBO beginning Sunday, October 14.