Camryn Grimes Shares Behind-The-Scenes Of Sharon And Nick’s Wedding On ‘The Young And The Restless’

Monty BriintonCBS

Although they filmed it a few weeks ago, The Young and the Restless star, Camryn Grimes, took to Instagram to share some unique, behind-the-scenes footage of Sharon and Nick’s wedding.

The actress, who portrays Sharon’s (Sharon Case) daughter, Mariah, on the show, took to her Instagram story to post some absolutely adorable clips of the main event.

In the first one, Case is practicing Sharon’s walk down the aisle to Nick (Joshua Morrow) for the third, not so charmed, time. While Grimes noted that the progress is “glacially slow,” the scene’s director approved of the pace. Across the video clip of the practice, Grimes wrote, Rehearsing the walk! “The slowest aisle walk in existence.”

The stage directions are for everyone to smile and look at Sharon as she walks, and in the background, Cait Fairbanks, who portrays Tessa sneaks out the back, but that doesn’t appear to be part of the actual scene.

Next, Grimes shared a scary sounding moment of Morrow making a mean mug. She asked, “Josh what’re you doing?” Plus, she put the words “why though” in animation across the clip. It’s possible that Joshua’s twisted look was part of the actual scene considering how wrong things went with the nuptials.

In her third throwback Thursday moment, Grimes showed herself and Robert Adamson, who portrays Mariah’s brother Noah Newman, dressed up wedding style nearly passed out on a couch. She wrote across the action, “don’t mind us we’re just going to take a nap between scenes. Three-day weddings really take it out of you.”

Finally, in the absolutely sweetest moment of her behind-the-scenes throwback, Grimes showed Christian actor either Jamie or Alister Tobias sitting in a pew practicing saying “Phyllis.” The cute little boy even put his hands on both cheeks Home Alone style. Gina Tognoni portrays Phyllis and the show, and Phyllis’s one night with Nick ended up derailing the wedding. In the frame are also Alyvia Alyn Lind (Faith), Amelia Heinle (Victoria), Peter Bergman (Jack), and Jason Canela (Arturo). The boy’s cuteness brought laughter to the cast members sitting near him.

The Inquisitr‘s The Young and the Restless spoilers show the fallout from the big reveal gets real messy real fast. Both Nick and Phyllis end up moving out of their respective significant others’ residences after they break up. While Phyllis things she and Billy might have a chance, it looks like Billy has some other plans.

Meanwhile, Mariah worries that she did the wrong thing by telling her mother the truth about Nick and Phyllis’s affair. The fallout negatively affects Mariah’s little sister Faith, and Mariah is sure to feel guilty about that.