Lady Gaga Calls Out Donald Trump Over Christine Blasey Ford Comments

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

With her new movie A Star is Born scheduled to arrive in theaters on Friday, entertainer and activist Lady Gaga appeared on The Late Show on Thursday to promote the film ahead of its U.S. release. However, the “Poker Face” singer also didn’t shy away when it came to political issues, as she commented on President Donald Trump’s remarks about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the psychology professor who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were teenagers.

Speaking to Late Show host Stephen Colbert on Thursday, Gaga described the ongoing controversy surrounding the sexual abuse allegations against Kavanaugh as “one of the most upsetting things” she had ever witnessed. She also had took some time to comment about Trump, who, according to The Guardian, mocked Ford’s testimony at a rally in Mississippi on Tuesday by asking a series of questions about the alleged incident which were all answered by “I don’t know” and suggesting that the professor is part of a conspiracy group that “destroys people” like Kavanaugh.

“I will tell you something because I am a sexual assault survivor and the truth is, you know, Trump the other day was speaking at a rally and he said, ‘She has no memory of how she got to the party, should we trust that she remembers the assault?’ And the answer is yes!” Lady Gaga said, as quoted by Entertainment Tonight.

“And I’ll tell you exactly why. I also that this woman is smart because she’s a psychologist. She’s no dummy. If someone is assaulted or experiences trauma there is science and scientific proof — it’s biology — that people change. The brain changes. And literally what it does, is it takes the trauma and it puts it in a box and it files it away and it shuts it so that we can survive the pain.”

In addition to her remarks about the president, Lady Gaga commented Ford for her decision to come forward with her accusations against Kavanaugh, even if she was doing so more than 35 years after the alleged assault happened. Gaga said that the possibility of Kavanaugh being nominated to the “highest position of power” in the Supreme Court was enough to “trigger” Ford and convince her to publicly accuse the judge of sexual assault.

Lady Gaga wasn’t the only celebrity to go on television and call out Donald Trump for his comments about Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony. On Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the show’s eponymous host referred to Trump as a “bipolar sociopath with no moral compass” and pointed out how the people at the Mississippi rally seemed to join the president in mocking Ford and her story about the night Brett Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her. According to Time, Kimmel also observed that it was ironic that Trump criticized Ford like he did, as he was speaking at a rally to support Cindy Hyde-Smith, who recently took office as the first female senator in Mississippi history.