Sex Robot Brothel Firm Owner Praises Donald Trump: ‘He’s Created An Environment For The Business To Thrive’

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An owner of a sex robot company which has high hopes of opening up a string of “brothels” across the U.S. has thanked Donald Trump for “creating an environment for the business to thrive.”

The Mirror reports that Yuval Gavriel, who runs KinkySDolls, wants to open a total of ten sex robot “brothels” across America. Fortunately, or unfortunately, deepening on your point of view on robotic sex, Yuval’s dream has fallen at the first hurdle. Lawmakers in Houston Texas stopped him from opening his first establishment in the Lone Star state.

Nevertheless, Yuval remains a man with a plan and has praised Donald Trump for creating an environment where he believes the seeds of his sex robot “brothels” can be sown.

Yuval has already opened a place where customers can have sex with robots in Canada and he sees it as the first in a franchise.

The lifelike “sexbots” as they are known are priced from $25,000. When touched, they are capable of reacting with vocal responses and the more costly AI versions can apparently engage in meaningful discourse.

Customers who visit the firm’s flagship store in Toronto pay for 30 minutes, an hour, or two hours of “intense pleasure” with the robots.

KinkySDolls hoped to bring their vision to Houston and open their first U.S. venue but the locals weren’t amused and said no to the robots.

There was an outcry amongst the city’s officials who branded the “rent before you buy” scheme “degrading” and viewed it as an insult to the founding fathers.

The opening of the venue was blocked and Councilman Greg Travis declared, “This is not a good business for our city. We are not Sin City.”

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Pastor Vega was in complete agreement and made a passionate case as to why robot sex workers should be banned from Houston.

“A business like this would destroy homes, families, finances of our neighbors and cause major community uproars in the city.”

And he wasn’t alone. Thousands of other voices roared their objection to the robots. Over 13,000 signing a petition against the brothel.

The petition read, “Robot brothels will just create an expansion of the already dehumanized act of sex buying.

“There is no evidence that sex robots could help reduce sexual exploitation and violence toward prostituted persons.”

Despite the setback, Yuval is keeping his chin up and is optimistic about the future. That and America’s lack of regulation. He still swears that by 2020 he’ll have 10 outlets operating in the U.S.

“The States is a bigger market, and a healthier market, and God bless Trump.”