Krystal Nielson Showcases Body In Bra & Shorts, As Some Fans Say She’s Looking Too Thin

Paul HebertABC

Krystal Nielson from Bachelor in Paradise takes exercising very seriously. After all, her Instagram handle is @coachkrystal, and she sells books and group coaching sessions that center on nutrition and fitness. So while most of her fans and followers love her posts, some people have begun commenting about her weight. In her most recent post, Krystal posed in a bright pink bra, grey shorts, and a fanny pack. This is what she said in the captions.

“@chrisrandone made fun of my fanny pack but I LOVE IT [heart emojis] Anyone else a fellow #fannypacker?”

It looks like Nielson took the photo using a mirror, and you can see her toned abs in the photo. One user simply commented, “anorexic,” while another said, “too thin.” For the most part, her loyal fans jumped into the conversation, defending Krystal’s physique. One person said, “um no this is what FIT looks like,” while someone else said, “Please tell me you’re joking. You do realize you can’t be anorexic and have this much muscle mass, right?” Another fan also chimed in, as she said, “Girl you be looking a lil thin for real!! Cut yes…but don’t get any smaller!”

Unfortunately, all of the arguing about whether Krystal is the right weight or not has overtaken the discussion about fanny packs. However, some people did respond with their favorite brands.

But with all that aside, Krystal is seemingly enjoying her engagement period with fiance Chris Randone. So she’s likely not paying attention to all the haters, since there’s a lot to look forward to with a wedding to plan. And between her and Chris’ Instagram pages, there’s so many cute couple photos that fans can’t help but love them. Recently, the couple took photos wearing matching white Yeezy sneakers while holding a dog each. Krystal asked, “Who rocked em better?”


In response, some people focused on something else, which was to advise Krystal and Chris that he ought to stay clean-shaven. Meanwhile, others voted for one of the two. Christina Tosi from MasterChef even chimed in, saying “HERS [fistpump emoji].”

And as for fans who are wondering when they can expect Krystal and Chris to tie the knot, it’s something that nobody really knows at this point. However, we do know that the wedding is definitely going to happen. This is what Chris said about the matter, according to Bustle.

“We’re 100 percent getting married, and we’re 100 percent making it happen.”