Sarah Paulson Approves Of Stormy Daniels Spanking Donald Trump, But Not Of What Was Found In His Bathroom

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

It was always going to be an interview that would poke fun at Donald Trump, but with Sarah Paulson sitting alongside Stormy Daniels, things got decidedly hilarious.

During a recent interview that Stormy Daniels did on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, actress Sarah Paulson was present. Seemingly in awe of Stormy, Paulson immediately commented that she was happy Stormy was there. As the interview progressed, Sarah Paulson showed her appreciation at many points.

When Stormy Daniels talks about her second meeting with Trump, in which she says he greeted her wearing silky black pajamas, Paulson was impressed that Daniels insisted he immediately change.

“You made him change,” she states in amazement. “Very good.”

As the conversation continues, with Jimmy Kimmel insisting she could probably still make Donald Trump change now, and Stormy responding that she would “have to speak in Russian, though,” Paulson is gobsmacked.

“This is very good,” Sarah Paulson eventually manages to say.

However, once talk turns to the fact that Stormy Daniels claims she spanked Trump with a magazine he produced featuring himself on the cover, Paulson couldn’t contain herself.

When Kimmel asked for details on what Donald Trump did when Stormy spanked him, Paulson is seen to block her ears.

“What does he do, like, when you spank Donald Trump… is he like, leaning forward?” Kimmel asks while Paulson reacts.

After blocking her ears, when Stormy offers to show the audience how it happened, Sarah Paulson then made a motion like she had vomited and was holding it in.

Stormy Daniels then instructs Jimmy Kimmel to stand up and she proceeds to spank him with a hardcover copy of her book, Full Disclosure. Sarah Paulson is suitably impressed with the demonstration.

After this, Kimmel then asks Daniels about what she found in Donald Trump’s bathroom.

“This is a beautiful little detail,” Jimmy prompts. “What did you find in his bathroom?”

Paulson moans, “Oh, no, I’m frightened,” in the background as Daniels reveals that Donald Trump had plenty of gold-plated items used for his personal grooming.

“What’s in the bathroom, Stormy?” she then asks.

Stormy insists that she “didn’t rummage” through Donald Trump’s personal items in his bathroom but did happen upon two items that surprised her.

“I was really shocked to find out that a man who thought so highly of himself used Pert Plus and Old Spice,” Stormy reveals.

Paulson responds by laughing and stating that it “does explain a lot.”

You can view the full interview Stormy Daniels did with Jimmy Kimmel below.