‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan Bonds With Ava Over Rage And Revenge During Therapy Session

It was a tale of two evils today on 'General Hospital.'

Actress Maura West plays Ava Jerome on General Hospital
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

It was a tale of two evils today on 'General Hospital.'

It was all about rage and revenge on Thursday’s General Hospital as Ava Jerome had an impromptu therapy session with Dr. Kevin Collins. Only it wasn’t the good doc she was meeting with. Little did she know that she was spilling her guts out to the Port Charles serial killer that everyone is talking about.

Ryan Chamberlain sat opposite the former mobster as she talked about the rage building up inside of her and her need to take revenge out on her daughter and the man she was in love with. Ava got down to the nitty-gritty right off the bat as Ryan listened. He was mesmerized and captivated by her admission. She first explained that she tried to be good, refraining from her old life, but she now questions whether it was all worth it after Kiki and Griffin slept together. Now all she can think about is making them both pay.

As SheKnows Soaps pointed out, Ava brought back the troubling dream that was previously shown when a grownup Avery called her ugly. She keeps having that dream. She assumed that it had nothing to do with the scars that she had on her face, but the scars on her soul. This has her in a dilemma on whether she should move forward with her revenge or back off but still feel that rage inside of her.

When Ava asked if she sounded crazy, Ryan quipped, “I think the way you described your rage, your hatred, what you’re feeling, was masterful”

By then, Ryan was milking every word Ava said. They sort of bonded at that moment. Ava was so thrilled with the doc’s therapy session that she asked for another one. He was more than happy to let her rattle on some more on the things that he holds dear to his heart — rage and revenge.

Ryan didn’t hesitate as he creepily smiled and said, “We’ll explore the concepts of revenge and satisfaction together.”

This seems to be leading into the rumor that Kiki will die by the hands of Ryan Chamberlain. The Inquisitr had previously reported that actress Hayley Erin is leaving General Hospital and that she may be killed off. Ryan may be setting Ava Jerome to take the fall for his crime of murdering her daughter. Or another scenario could be that he is so infatuated by Ava’s need for revenge that he goes and kills Kiki for her. If Ryan does do away with her daughter, Ava may never forgive herself.

Keep watching General Hospital in the next few weeks to see if Ryan leaves a path of destruction in Port Charles.