Stormy Daniels Bans Selfies At Book Signings, Fears For Her Safety

Display of Stormy Daniels' book, 'Full Disclosure,' on sale in Barnes & Noble.
Scott Olson / Getty Images

Thursday, Stormy Daniels will be signing copies of her new book Full Disclosure at Barnes & Noble at The Grove, Los Angeles. However, TMZ reports that she has one seemingly strange request of her fans — no selfies are to be taken with the author at the event. Daniels will have higher security than usual at the event because of “safety concerns,” her lawyer Michael Avenatti apparently told TMZ. Besides her usual security detail, fans will only be able to have photos taken with the table between themselves and the former adult film star. Additionally, Barnes & Noble staff are willing to take photos of fans and Daniels using fans’ own phones.

It comes as no surprise that Daniels is taking all measures possible for her own safety. After the 39-year-old came out with allegations of an affair with President Trump, she became a public enemy to the president’s fans. The Guardian reports that in an August interview with UK show Loose Women, the actress and director said she had received all kinds of threats from the angry public in response to her allegations. When asked if she still felt endangered, Daniels’ response revealed that at times, she does feel at risk.

“My answer to that question is going to change daily. Some days I can slip out and go about my day and I almost feel normal for a minute and then I look around and I’ve got two big bodyguards behind me. Another day, I get crazy hate mail and death threats,” Daniels reportedly told Loose Women.

But the star’s own safety isn’t her only concern. Daniels also revealed on Loose Women that she fears for her 7-year-old daughter’s involvement. Apparently, her daughter is already the subject of a custody dispute, and Daniels fears that she already knows what has happened between Trump and her mother.

“My biggest fear is that her life is going to be changed forever in a negative way, which was also one of the reasons I decided to come forward and start speaking up, because I wanted to be someone she was proud of.”

In the end, though, Daniels claims she is not looking for pity surrounding her fate.

“I made my own choices and I’m responsible for my own actions,” she told Loose Women.

Daniels’ legal name is Stephanie Clifford, and she has performed as a stripper, adult film star, and screenwriter/director. The controversial figure has won multiple awards in her industry and is a member of multiple Halls of Fame.