Selena Gomez Has Found Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's Rushed Marriage To Be A 'Tough Adjustment'

Selena Gomez might not have been bothered when her ex Justin Bieber quickly became engaged to Hailey Baldwin back in July, but according to a recent report by Hollywood Life, Gomez is finding the news that her former love wed his model fiancée in secret to be a rather "tough adjustment" for her.

Since Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin became engaged on July 7 after dating for only a short period of time, many sources have reported that Bieber's first love, Selena Gomez, couldn't have cared less and was more focused on her own life.

To this day, the "Wolves" singer, 26, has not publicly commented on the news. While it is rumored that some songs on her upcoming album will address the matter, Gomez has handled herself with grace -- and has been putting all of her energy into her career and her personal well-being.

However, a source close to Gomez is now claiming that the "Back To You" singer is having a much more difficult time than expected coming to terms with the recent reports that Bieber and Baldwin got married in secret last month.

"Selena has known all along Justin got married and she can't believe it. It really has been a tough adjustment for her and it is still hard to wrap her head around. It's really throwing her for a loop and she can't believe that it is a real thing. It was just so unexpected," the source said.


Gomez isn't alone in finding the marriage "so unexpected", as many of the couple's fans were shocked when the news broke in September. Since then, there have many conflicting reports stating whether or not Bieber and Baldwin really did tie the knot the same day that they got their marriage license in New York City.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier today, it has now been established that the couple are in fact husband and wife. However, they are now reportedly facing some trouble, as Bieber's parents are less than thrilled that they were not present at their son's wedding. The fact that the "Never Say Never" singer married Baldwin -- without having her sign a prenup agreement first -- has fueled their anger even more, considering that Bieber is reportedly worth $250 million.

In the meantime, Gomez is currently taking a break from social media after telling her followers during an Instagram live session that she was in the midst of battling anxiety and depression.


Neither Bieber nor Baldwin have confirmed that they are married, but it appears that the "Baby" singer recently introduced his love as his wife when they visited the Stratford Perth Museum in Bieber's native Canada.