NBA Rumors: Anthony Davis Leaving New Orleans To Sign With Lakers After This Season, Per Jalen Rose

Danny Cox

There have been countless rumors regarding Anthony Davis and where he may end playing in the coming years, but some feel they already know. The current star of the New Orleans Pelicans still has two years remaining on his contract, and he could end up playing it out until its through. According to former NBA star Jalen Rose, he believes it most certainly won't be in New Orleans but will be with the Los Angeles Lakers.

As recently reported by Inquisitr, Davis left his longtime agent and signed with the same agent as Lakers star LeBron James. Davis said it was nothing more than a change needed to become the best player he possibly can, but it has brought about much more speculation about where he'll play in the future.

Davis has continued to say that he is still happy with the Pelicans and signing with Klutch Sports has nothing to do with the rumors of him wanting to play elsewhere. He said that his focus is on winning with the players around him right now and he's not worried about the future.

24/7 Sports is reporting that Davis may actually be lying to himself if ESPN's Jalen Rose is to be believed. Rose not only said that Davis will be out of New Orleans after the current season, but that his new landing spot will be alongside LeBron James in Los Angeles.

The New Orleans Pelicans made a number of offseason signings this year as they aren't only trying to win a championship, but prove to Davis that they'll do anything for a ring. After a great run last year, the Pelicans have built an even stronger team around Davis.

A ring or even just a trip to the NBA Finals could prove to him that they're serious about him and about winning. That could be just what they need to make sure he stays happy, doesn't demand a trade, and maybe, even stays in New Orleans after his current contract is up.

L.A. Sports Hub believes that Davis signing with Klutch Sports is only the first step in him heading to Los Angeles. They are of the belief that "sooner or later," Anthony Davis is going to be a Los Angeles Laker and create a dynasty of championships.

A good relationship with LeBron James and signing with his agent is something that began making fans of the New Orleans Pelicans very nervous. They know that their hometown team has one of the best players in the entire NBA and they don't want to lose him. If Jalen Rose and a bunch of rumors are to be believed, though, Davis already has one foot out the door and is on his way to the Los Angeles Lakers.